View Full Version : Bally NBA Fastbreak - New Addition

07-03-10, 05:20
I am trading my Sega Star Wars Trilogy for what is a great pinball game. Here is a promo vid showing how cool this game is as well the IPDB reviews. I am excited to bring this one in :)



08-03-10, 01:15
Congrats :D

I played this one on my travels and despite my zero interest in Basketball and being very dubious about the scoring, it completely won me over. It's great fun.

I'd love to try out the link play with 2 machines - somehow I can't see that opportunity arising any time soon!

08-03-10, 04:20
Thanks. It's a GREAT pin. We've played it a couple hours last night and it is more competitive than any we've played. Since you just score 1,2 or 3 points and alternating playing trying to outscore each other. And the pin is beautiful. I still have to video it today and show you guys. The ramps and shot ramps are like chrome and just shine. It really is a beautiful table and Geoge Gomez really did something special here!

08-03-10, 07:48
Star Wars for basketball? I feel faint....

08-03-10, 09:55
Star Wars for basketball? I feel faint....

Dude, you would like this pin even if you don't like basketball. You check that video yet? I will upload a vid today hopefully. This is probably the most fun I've had playing a pin in a helluva long time :)