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03-03-10, 05:07
Surely there has to be someone in the UK selling pinball parts.

Maybe, but don't call me Shirley.

Anyway, my reason for asking is that my order from Marco Specialties has been sat in customs for a week and now Parcel Force want me to pay 17 in V.A.T. and a clearance fee of 8.

They will enter into no negotiation and if I don't pay in full will return my shipment.

KABOOMing KABOOMards. I KABOOMing hate the KABOOMing Royal KABOOMing Mail.

Anybody know of a pinball supplier with a good catalog in the UK or one in the US that might mark its parcels as a gift? ;)

03-03-10, 05:54
http://www.pinballheaven.co.uk and http://www.pinballmania.co.uk/ are 2 links I have for when I get a machine.

There are services available that allow you to ship to a US address then they mark it up as whatever and forward it on. I'd check the legality of that 1st though. The cost of the service probably ends up being prohibitive too.

03-03-10, 07:17
I wonder if Marco would mark items as gifts. When we bought Ugg boots from the US last year they marked the box as having no value.

That's kind of tough with what I imagine is going to be a heavy parcel.

03-03-10, 07:25
Oh, and thanks for the links.