View Full Version : Laundromats - Last Refuge of Arcade Games

26-02-10, 07:17
I've been keeping my eyes open for arcade games on location for a couple years now. In Orlando, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, basically anywhere in central Florida the "arcades" I've seen have had:

1) Light gun game - mostly modern ones
2) Redemption games - Cyclone, coin pushers, coin rollers, etc.
3) Driving games - mostly modern ones, usually beat up
4) Skee Ball, Air Hockey and other physical games
5) The occasional beat-up classic game.

We all know that's the state of coin-op gaming everywhere. Sad, but not unexpected. I went to Daytona Beach for a few days' vacation late last year and I went into three arcades. Real arcades. I was excited to see what they had, but was totally disappointed. Only a handful of remotely classic games, and they were all beat up and/or not even working. I would have expected that there might at least be a handful of real arcades left in a place like that. Not so.

However, what I've noticed is that a lot of local laundromats have arcade games. Good (read: classic) ones! One near me has an Outrun and Ms. Pac Man cab (in addition to two generic 3D drivers). I drove past another here in Orlando and saw what looked to be a Galaga machine. When I lived in Chicago, the LaunderBar had a couple nice games (a Neo Geo, a Nintendo Vs.).

Seems like that's the last refuge of coin-op around here.

What's it like in your area? If you can't find any arcade games, you might want to check out some local Laundromats.

27-02-10, 01:00
I agree. Close to where I work there is a Subway with a laundromat next door. I will drop in to get lunch, and walk next door to play No Good Gofers or Ms. Pac-Man.

27-02-10, 01:51
There's one by me with a pinball and arcade machine, both not working. I've inquired if they are for sale but have yet to get a response.

28-02-10, 11:50
The Laundry Lands' here in Lincoln frequently have classcis rotated in and out. I have been "dropping" by them off and on over the past several years just to see what they got. Most were in pretty bad shape but at least playable. I will stop by again this week to see what they got.