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22-02-10, 11:29

The short version is; now can design from scratch or retheme an existing table and set about designing your own rules, graphics, sounds, display effects etc. This board interfaces a PC to the pinball machine allowing an individual to design their own game that could be on par with any commercial release. The board is currently compatible with WPC, WPC95, Stern SAM and Whitestar based pins so you have a huge pool of pins to select from. Listeners, this is the bridge between a PC and the pinball driver boards so that you can create a game on a common PC and make it real. Unlike many things that would be really cool if they existed, this one is already up for sale. The price of projects like this can be dissapointing, sometimes several times what it should be. I figured about $300~350 would be reasonable, I did the cringe as I clicked on the link waiting to see that it was selling for, I figured $600 plus, and it was right at $330 depending on version.

So who is going to create the first Retro Gaming Roundup themed pin? Imagine, Drunken Mule mode!

Check out specs on the board at: http://www.pinballcontrollers.com/

22-02-10, 03:14
When it drains it has to say "A travesty indeed!"

22-02-10, 03:55
That or Socal screaming "no Flippin way!"

Socal drinking game where you have to score 3 drop targets out of four to knock him down.

22-02-10, 05:21
A spinner showing the Megadrive logo on one side and the Genesis logo on the other.

The DMD graphic could alternate between happy/angry UKMike.