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21-02-10, 01:49
Ever thought about accepting vocal submissions (mp3 format) sent in by forum members, to be editted into the show? kinda giving forum members a 10 minute time limit to give out 'live' opinions / reviews.

Is that a thing that could be done?

That way it will kind break up the podcast with different voices from around the world.

And it would be nice to hear a few more accents .

am i the only one that thinks that miner2049er sounds like john peel???

21-02-10, 02:08
We made a decision a while back not to do that actually when we received one out of the blue.

Not that we didn't appreciate somebody taking the effort to do it, but we thought that maybe if we received 10 and broadcast 8, then 2 people would be pissed.

We suggested then, as we would now, that people have complete freedom to chime in on the forums and use that medium instead.

We do intend to do listener call ins though where we do Skype chats with forum members and listeners so stay tuned for those...... eventually LOL.

21-02-10, 02:12
Ditto what Miner said, it was just a can of worms we did not need and with us already hitting or going past our max goal there just is not room. Now, that said, if you wanted to record an audio piece and put a link to it in a thread then that would be fine, and I imagine allot of folks would give it a listen, I would. And I figure if it seems to be a trend we could sticky a thread for just that.

21-02-10, 02:25
I figure if it seems to be a trend we could sticky a thread for just that.

Hmmm, nice idea. RetroGaming RoundUp Wrap Up show?

Maybe that's an idea that could develop with forum members posting content for others to hear.

21-02-10, 01:18
I dunno....I have a face made for radio but a voice made for silence.