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19-02-10, 06:11
While I'm not new to the internet itself by any stretch ... I haven't really done much in the way of forums, so I'm gonna try here. :)

I'm David (the nutjob who sent in the thing about Phantasmagoria), I started listening on episode 2 ... and considering I drive around for 2 and a half to 3 hours a night these super long podcasts fit in with me perfectly. I'm 28 and have been gaming since I could hold a controller ... or in my case a Pong machine since that's all we had until I was about 8.

I didn't really have that much to do with arcades when I was younger for whatever reason, I didn't start REALLY playing them until about the early to mid 90's when TMNT and The Simpsons was the thing to play. Later on started playing in local Mortal Kombat 2 and Killer Instinct tournaments.

So with my lack of play of the old arcades when I was younger, all of my experience until the late 90's when emulation started getting interesting with games like Joust, Missile Command, Pac-Man, Defender, Centipede, etc etc came from the Atari 2600 (I still to this day like the 2600 version of Missile Command better than the arcade hehe).

So I wasn't aware of the sometimes bad ports of these games to the 2600 ... I actually LIKE Defender for the 2600 to this day. Not so much anymore, but I used to sit and play that sucker for HOURS when I was a kid. And I didn't even KNOW about the disappearing ship trick when I was playing it back then. And to be honest I don't even take advantage of it now when I play it.

And I've just grown all through gaming (somewhat late due to financial constraints. I didn't even get an Xbox 360 until October of 2008).

I currently own 2 Nintendos (a regular slot loading kind and a top loader), a Retro Duo, Sega Genesis/32X, a Dreamcast, 2 PS1's, a PS2, a 360 .... Game Boy, Game Boy Color and a GBA SP ... I see a Virtual Boy sitting there that I've only ever played once. A whole bunch of those little plug and play TV Games. There's a Macintosh SE with a 40MB hard drive and 4MB of RAM layin' around ... hasn't gotten much use since I got broadband internet in 2001, that and the screen is going out. :\ And a Wii that I barely touch ... and an iPod Touch. There are others, but they're either slipping my mind or not worth mentioning (like the Atari Lynx with a messed up screen and some cheapo $1 Wal-Mart LCD games).

I've been messing around in emulation since about 1996, and have always been into classic gaming. Hell, I shelled out 75 bucks on the SF4 Fight Stick and I don't even own Street Fighter 4. Got it so I could play shmups easier on the 360 and the PC. :)

I just got the Atari Anthology for the PS2 in the mail recently, so I've been playing a lot on that. And it furthers my love of the old vector graphics games. Been playing the hell out of Major Havoc.

I'm hoping to someday build a small MAME cabinet to play those old vector games. Just a little tabletop one so it's easy to move around and doesn't weigh 7 tons.

I've got a site over at wastedseconds.com where I generally just put up whatever I want, but the majority of it are game reviews ... mostly Xbox Live Indie Games and whatever Wii games XSeed decides to send me in the mail.

I'm not opposed to modern day games by any means, and you'll generally see me playing games like Unreal Tournament 3. I just beat Bioshock 2 the other day, and I'm playing through that again to see the other ending. Then I'm going to get started on Darksiders.

Uh ... I guess that's it? heh

19-02-10, 09:32
Welcome, there is no finer place to dip you toe in the forum pool than here.

19-02-10, 09:43
Welcome and glad to hear you are enjoying the show. Sounds like you are knee-deep in the retrogaming hoopla. Hope to see you poking around in the forums regularly.


19-02-10, 10:00
Glad you could join us, your a well know listener to us thanks to your facebook following us for a while, your comments on our FB updates are pretty damn funny.

20-02-10, 12:28
haha I didn't think anyone even bothered to pay attention to my Facebook nonsense.

EVERY NOW AND THEN I get "This person likes your comment" and stuff, but for the most part I think most of the people on my friends list are a bit straight laced for my, for the most part, Rated R style comments.

Either that or they just don't care one way or the other. :)