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13-02-10, 09:16
I've been listening to the podcast since last summer and thought I should check this forum out. My name is Chris and I'm 35 from Indiana, USA. Been playing and collecting my whole life.

I really like the 1 big podcast per month versus short weeklies, so keep up the good work.

13-02-10, 10:23
Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the forums.

13-02-10, 10:31
Share your collection with us if you will. And welcome!

14-02-10, 01:05
The link in my sig will take you to my console collection. I don't have any arcade or pinball at the moment, but after listening to this podcast I think I am ready to get my first pinball table.

There is a guy at work selling a Grand Lizard table, but he wants $700 which I think is a little high. If he won't come down on it I will probably keep looking for something else to catch my eye. My magic wish would be to have an Attack from Mars, but with two kids at home that kind of price is a bit steep.

Thanks for the welcome and I will chime in on the forums.

14-02-10, 02:23
Go with your instinct on Grand Lizard, not a bad $200 auction pick and flip but $700 is way out there.

Big NES fan I see!

14-02-10, 01:52
Hey another Chris from Indiana!

If you want a pin you may wanna go to auction. I think the nearest one is Chicago but I could be wrong.