View Full Version : On the back of the "Spectrum Owners" thread... how to use Euro computers In the US.

12-02-10, 09:18
Something I've been thinking about for when I make the move to The other side of the pond..


Gives a quick description on how to get these old European computers working over on their weird power and TV system ( You call THAT!!! a power socket duck!!! I fed my kids on that pixie dust :0o )

Been thinking about taking a Speccy over with me.. and it while it might be obvious to some die hard collectors it may be useful for the average joe like me. Nice tip with the video capture card too..

25-02-10, 07:13
I have to say that was actually a very good video.
Its actually pretty easy to get most uk consoles/computers working in the U.S
I expect most of the t.vs there will except a pal 50hz signal via composite or s-video so unless your system of choice is rf there shouldn't be a problem.
That said, many of the systems that are rf can be converted for composite so there's always options.
The only other problem you face is the power adapter.
Most of the older consoles and computers use a standard male or female round power connector so all you would need is a regulated ac or dc adapter with a high enough m'amp rating which you can easily buy once you get there.
Systems like the c64/amiga require multiple voltages so you'd have to buy a power supply in america for that system, obviously they'd work as the voltage requirements are the same.

So when's your big move happening?