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11-02-10, 03:25
Yo Guys, I've been meaning to sign up to the forums and what better time to do it now that I'm snowed in! Had to chainsaw a tree that came down in my front yard this morning! Nothing like using power tools in a blizzard, what a blast! Anyway I love the show and have had great success with converting my P.O.W. cabinet into a 60 in 1 multicade thanks to Scott's tech questions help. Besides classic gaming my other hobbies include vintage slot car racing, Bass guitar & RC aircraft (building & flying no RTF's here). Thanks again for a great show and I'm looking forward to getting in on the forums!

11-02-10, 03:55
Hey RUP glad to have you onboard. I have been into RC since about 1st grade starting off with the COX Cessna Centurion. Today I tend to be almost all electric or giant scale gas. My last two models were the Balsa USA 1/3 Stearman and their D7 1/4 scale. It seems that building full scale planes takes up most of my RC time though. Post up some pics of your cab and your planes, lets see your handywork!

11-02-10, 04:10
Wow you must have some awesome planes! I can't even imagine building a full scale plane!!! I just started a few years ago with a Great Planes PT-40 kit. Have you ever used Realflight G2 RC simulator? For me it is a great learning tool for learning to fly a specific model without wrecking hours of work!!! I'll try to post some pics soon.

11-02-10, 05:51
Welcome RUP! Cool avatar btw. Thanks for working your way over to the forums. They are really filling up. Hope to see that you are a regular here :) And I'm glad you are enjoying the podcast. Spread the word.

11-02-10, 06:25
I built a PT40 back in the 80's when that was a "big plane" and I flew that to prepare for my first giant scale, a 1/4 scale Byron originals P51 that had the belt drive Quadra, what a monster back then!

Building a full scale is not so different, If you look at a Pietenpol as maybe a first step you will find that it is bigger but not unfamiliar.

Also, what do you run for slots? Scalectrix? Always loved them, never had the time!

12-02-10, 04:56
I run/collect old Aurora Thunderjets & A/FX. It's amazing the performance you can get out of those old cars with a little tweaking! I attached a picture of the 4-lane layout in my workshop. Each lane has it's own power supply, Parma controllers with 1/4" plugs and optional brake lines and Lap timer software running on an old PC.
The P.O.W. project is just about finished, I just need some side art. I stripped the old side art and paint off with some stuff called "citristrip" from Home Depot and it works great! I enjoyed working on it so much that I think I'm going to look for another P.O.W. cabinet for a MAME conversion. One quick question is it possible to build a JAMMA adapter to run a Gorf board set or would I need a different power supply? Thanks again for all the help!

12-02-10, 05:12
Sweet track! For adapting the GORF board to a standard PS like you would use for JAMMA Arcadeshop.com sells that board, you could power both JAMMA and GORF from the same PS. If I was doing it, and GORF was the only custom board I wanted, I would build a harness in parallel with the JAMMA so I could plug in either or.

So what do people say about your cab when they come over?

13-02-10, 03:45
Everyone loves it, even my modern gaming friends! After a few beers my buddy and I were playing for hours! As we were taking turns at the games he said to me "Dude, I haven't stood at an arcade cabinet since the 80's" You gotta love that! Good Stuff!

13-02-10, 04:05
Where do you live anyway?

13-02-10, 05:03
About 45 minutes NW of Philadelphia

13-02-10, 08:33
No doubt you RC guys have seen this, but I just came across it last week. Bloody incredible:

RC Blackbird (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDbQ5xvsrIU)

13-02-10, 10:23
Nice, that thing sounds awesome, though I prefer this one,


13-02-10, 10:29
And no UK, that is not my plane or me flying.

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13-02-10, 10:47
So it was you getting hit then?