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08-02-10, 08:38
Longtime listener, first time poster. Glad to be here. I've been a gamer since the NES days. I'm quite fond of retro gaming discussion(though I lack the funds to have a full library) and I very much enjoy learning about gaming's long history. At any rate, that's about it. I look forward to being here!


09-02-10, 12:40
Grasshopper, good to have you onboard. Collections grow, most of ours were shoebox sized at some point. What are the favorites that you have?

09-02-10, 10:43
I lack the funds to have a full library)

I lack the urge to have a full library, but I have a fully utilised library. If you can't afford to buy it and sit it on a shelf you don't need it.

Buy only the games you will play and it will give you more enjoyment.

Welcome aboard.