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31-01-10, 09:16
I've been listening to Retrogaming round-up and want to purchase a Neo Geo arcade Cab for my house (hopefully a MVS-2-25 or MVS-4-25). I've seen a few on craigslist and a couple at home arcade game seller stores in my area (Charlotte NC). I really want a dedicated machine and not something that has been "frankensteined" into a Neo Geo. What should I look for, what should I expect to pay for a nice working cab in good condition?

Thanks in advance.

31-01-10, 09:40
Hey MM,

First off, welcome to the forums. I have seen Neo Geo cabs routinely in the $200-$400 range. And if you attend any http://www.superauctions.com auctions in your area, you are sure to pick them up even less. They have been going CHEAP at auction lately.

I've always wanted one of these :) http://charlotte.craigslist.org/vgm/1576889213.html Kind of overpriced though imho. Althought the minis do seem to bring in a bit more than the full sized machines. This one looks sweet!

01-02-10, 01:05
Actually I checked the Mini out, but I have big hands, and it would be weird to sit on the floor and play. Although it is in great shape, and the seller did offer to take $500 for it...I really want a full size machine.

Thanks for the info on Super auctions. There is a auction about 1.5 hours away next weekend. Does anyone know about this auction provider?


Thanks in advance.

01-02-10, 01:37

There are plenty of auctions in the NC SC area, and these guys are good and honest.

If you want original, but allot of games, there are multicarts available that plug into the slot and give you 100 or 108 or 120 games, there are several versions. Just hit google and look for Neo Geo multi cart. That way if you find a great deal on a one slot you set.

This is a site that sells them, they are overseas but they list the games to give you an idea. You can find them in the US all over the place.

03-02-10, 12:31
I spoke with Dave's Classic Arcade Dave. He said Neo Geo's might be sorta rare in the South East in his opinion. WHat do you guys think about $650 for a 4-slot dedicated? Good deal, or wait for auction?

thanks in advance for your time and considerations.


03-02-10, 12:36
I spoke with Dave's Classic Arcade Dave. He said Neo Geo's might be sorta rare in the South East in his opinion. WHat do you guys think about $650 for a 4-slot dedicated? Good deal, or wait for auction?

thanks in advance for your time and considerations.


Does it come with four games? If so what games? Not a hughly bad price, but I would def want it in very nice condition - and include all four games.

And if auction is nearing, I would def wait to see if you can get a great deal on one. But if you like that one, and you don't see them up for sale to often, don't lose out on it by listening to me :)

22-02-10, 07:00
Thanks to your show, I finally took the first step of one day living in an arcade. I had a blast at a local NC auction this weekend. It felt like being in some weird destopian future apocalypse movie from the 80's... and totally rocked.

There were tons of guys wearing satin members only jackets smoking those cheap cigarettes that stink extra, a crazy food stand with BBQ and Brats, and great deals on games! It was a crazy selection of a lot of racing games, old early 70's pins, sit down pins and some classics like asteriods, donkey kong, pole position, jukes, gumball machines, about 12 Ms Pacs, and gun games.

I had my eyes on a few cabs and pins, but I did score what I was looking for, a nice NeoGeo MVS 4 machine for $325( and it fit perfectly into the back of a ford expedition). My buddy scored an original Space Invaders in great shape/working for $200. I'm kinda mad I didn't bid on a great looking Asteriods that sold for $70! You guys are right, the auction is the way to go for buying games, the prices there were stupid cheap, even on great working games.

I would greatly appreciate it if the community could help me get this thing into peak performance.

My Neo geo came with 4 games and the original papers. I don't have a key for the Marquee, so any suggestions on getting that open would be nice. The coin door is keyless too, but unlocked. I'm guessing I can get a new lock for that at lowes. The Marquee light is kinda dull, so I'm sure once I can get it open I can get it nice and bright. One of the buttons on the player one position is a little finicky and I'd like to replace it, so any suggestions on where to get the part would be really cool. There is a slight high pitched noise that is barely audible to me, but again, any help would be appreciated. OH, and I'd like to get the sound a little louder. There are 2 small hairline stree cracks in the wood, so any ideas on fixing those would be nice.

Thank you in advance for your help and if you are ever in Charlotte NC and want to have a Samurai Showdown Throwdown, send me a message!

22-02-10, 07:43
Well congrats! I always tell people about the satin jackets and plastic framed glasses, auction can be worth going for the people watching. Sounds like you got a good game, just throw in a multi and you will have a top notch setup.

There is always the next auction, you will go back, and then after a while your living in the arcade. Been there done that.

To answer your questions;

Coin Door lock. Maybe Lowes or HD, it is hit or miss depending on the diameter, depth etc. Some games yes, some not. But, $3 at arcadeshop.com will fix you up for sure, they should be 7/8 locks. Buttons are $2 with switch each so if they are dirty or ugly just replace them all at that price.

The marquee lock should be a 1 or 1 and 1/8 lock. I can't recall off the top of my head but I think they had retaining bolts on the top of the game, look around there where that rail screws down. You can post pics in this thread if you are still having problems.

The bulb and starter should be easy to find at Lowes Depot and replacing those and cleaning the back of the marquee will fix you up. As long as your in working on this stuff, pull off anything like the coin door, rails etc. that needs a frash shot of paint and do that.

As long as your making an order check out things like T-molding. That is the plastic edge stripping around the game. If yours is ratty or faded new Tmolding is cheap and really cleans a game up.

The noise could be anything from a non issue to an impending failure. Without getting too technical, you could spend some time and money chasing it down. There are several ways that a monitor can cause such a sound. Slight and barely audible sounds like something to not worry about for now.

Sound, stupid question, have you adjusted the volume, did it have any effect, was it smooth or scratchy?

Where are the cracks, can you post pictures in the thread?