View Full Version : Atari Cloak & Dagger Arcade

24-01-10, 04:09
I would love this :) From one of the "video gaming" movies from back in the day.


24-01-10, 09:48
Wow! That's amazing. Not much chance of my odyssey games going for that much, but if they did I know where I'd be reinvesting it.

26-01-10, 12:31
IMO $12000 is a little steep. No back door and missing artwork......

26-01-10, 06:49
what a minute, I was thinking this is a one of a kind, but looking at screens on KLOV I realized that I've played it before.

I thought that was just a game they made for the move, in which case I'd say that 12K might not be reasonable.

Still IG, you're right I'd be suprised if anyone bites.