View Full Version : Hey! I made a game for arcade cabinets!

15-01-10, 12:21
Hey all!

This is my first post. I love the podcast, and can listen to every episode
several times:)

Some time ago I started making a game with the idea of running it on
a cabinet...that means, a PC-based cabinet with a horizontal monitor
with 8-way joysticks and two buttons per player. I think the nickname
is 'mame cabinets':)

I've used the same buttons as mame, so it'll run on a IPAC or encoder
right away. The game is made with attention to 320x240 and 640x480

I've thought many times that it was strange that noone has done this
before. I mean, making a game without all the 'exit to windows' etc. I
wanted it to be seamless.

The game is inspired by Infogrames' North & South, which I loved back in
the day...well, at least the good parts. ALso, I was inspired by seeing
the game Hat Trick being played at parties in my house. So simple, but
so much fun and screaming.

It's a very simple game, and might not be worth your while. But I did
spend many hours making it.

By the way, playing it 2-player on the PC with a keyboard is impossible
Also, there is NO AI in the game:(

The game should run on any windows, doesn't need to be installed
(run from .exe) and have fast battles. Download it here:






15-01-10, 10:07
Sounds good, I played North and South but I would always pick something else up first.

I had a friend that loved it though, and played it all the time.