View Full Version : More Intellivision DS News

10-01-10, 05:24
Just posted on Facebook:

Intellivision Lives! for DS. 40+ games! Target release & price: Summer '10, $19.99. 2-player wireless link to friend's DS w/ 1 cartridge.

Gordon Bennett
11-01-10, 12:18
This sounds really promising. I'm quite relieved to hear that it will be released on a cartridge. I heard something about it being considered as a dsiware release.

Has the game list been released anywhere yet?

11-01-10, 12:20
I have a dev copy so I can give you a games list. I can't guarantee it will be the same though, but it should be close. I will get the list up here in the next day or so :)

19-01-10, 12:36
I had this for the XBox, do you know if it's a port of that version. That had some pretty good games. Astro Smash on the go would be "one time" as my father in law would say.