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08-01-10, 04:07
Noticed this link over on AA and thought it would be of interest here
I think its for testing Arcade games ? but I am not sure




08-01-10, 03:27
I think its for testing Arcade games ? but I am not sure

Yup, the posting actual includes the following list:

Space Duel, Xevious, Liberator, Missile Command, Dig Dug, Asteroids, Tempest, Lunar Lander, Centipede, Warlords, Kangaroo, Quantum, Food Fight, Gravitar, 4 Player Football, Space Race, Pole Position, Breakout, Night Driver, Baseball, Lemans, Millipede, Sprint II, Starship One, Battlezone, Firetruck, Monte Carlo, Lunar Lander, football, Super Bug, Sprint I, Basketball, and Super Breakout .

Pretty cool.


09-01-10, 02:55
I think they may underestimate buying a new Fluke. From what I understand a good one is going to run you a bit more than $25.

Wonder if this had been posted over on the KLOV forums yet?

I could see this in Scott's shop :@@

09-01-10, 03:30
Why the eye rolling? Nothing wrong with that brand of meter, if its a bad reading it must be a Fluke!

09-01-10, 06:47
Jealousy. Just from the podcast I can tell you probably got every tool imaginable. :)