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03-01-10, 08:04
Hello everyone! I finally caught up! It might have taken around 4 months, but I am now caught up on the podcasts. Well, let me introduce myself, my name is Chris. I am 37 years old, which means I'm basically as old as console video games (Odyssey did get released in '72 if I'm not mistaken). My first exposure to video games was when I was around 7 years old, my babysitter brought home a Fairchild Channel F for her kids. When they first hooked it up and turned it on, I was in awe. So began my love of video games. Then came Christmas of 1982 when I unwrapped my best Christmas present ever, an Atari 2600! The rest is history. Here are the systems (consoles and computers) I have owned in chronological order:

1) Digital VT100 (More a business computer, but it had some simple games on it, like Yahtzee)

2) Atari 2600--Fave games: Kaboom!, Mountain King, Pitfall, Frostbite, Space Invaders :AT

3) TI-99 4A--Fave games: Munchman, Hunt The Wumpus

4) IBM PC Compatible--Fave games: Earl Weaver Baseball, Mean 18, Zork, Planetfall

5) NES--Fave games: Dragon Warrior, Metroid, Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Pro Wrestling, Contra, Tecmo Bowl

6) Sega Genesis--Fave games: Shining Force, The Immortal, Out Of This World (called "Another World" outside the US), Flashback, NHL '94, Dark Wizard (Sega CD, my friend owned the Sega CD, not me, but when I went over his house, I played this to death!) :GEN:

7) Computer w/ Windows 95--Fave games: Age of Empires, The Neverhood (Klaymen rules!!!), The Curse of Monkey Island, You Don't Know Jack, Baldur's Gate, Diablo, and of course, Starcraft.

After that are the more modern systems like PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, Windows XP.

I was also an arcade game fan, my faves back then and to this day are Zoo Keeper, Jungle King, Dragon's Lair, Karate Champ, Q*bert, Popeye, Arch Rivals, Star Wars, and Gauntlet. Thankfully, Funspot is only about 2 hours driving distance. I'm sure most of you have heard of Funspot. For those of you who don't, they are the classic gaming Mecca. They have an unbelieveable selection of classic arcade video games, pinball machines, and also some coin-op machines from the early 20th century. It's a really cool place and well worth the trip. (Note: I do not work for Funspot nor am I that guy from King of Kong who says "There's a Donkey Kong killscreen coming up if you want to see it.")

Well, that's my very longwinded description of myself and my likes videogame-wise. Love the podcasts guys and I look forward to your 2010 podcasts.

"Beware I Live!"

03-01-10, 10:39
"Beware I Live!"

Welcome, be sure to check out my Sinistar video and expect more video game parodies to follow...... eventually.