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30-12-09, 04:06
How do.

Just had a bit of news pop up in the Retro Action Magazine (http://www.retroactionmagazine.com/) RSS feed that the "ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x" has been released as a free PDF by the author Andrew Rollings.

It includes crash review scores when available along with the wealth of other info. Might have to set up the Speccy as my 1st emu on my Maximus Arcade install tonight. Chuckie Egg deserves a play every so often :)

It's a 33mb download. Having had a brief look through it, it is excellent! Well worth the download. Grab it here! (http://www.retroactionmagazine.com/retronews/zx-spectrum-book-free-download.html)

30-12-09, 04:53
This is really a great book and it is wonderful of the author to release it as freeware (is that the right term for a book?) like he has. I downloaded it and plan on doing an overview of it like I have done for a couple of magazines I like, something to help get more people interested in this fine book.

If I can find it in print, I will definitely purchase a copy just because I know it is a really cool book and it would be nice to have a hard copy.

30-12-09, 10:23
If you do get it, pick the companion book on the C64 too.

Oh, and any time you find stories like this submit them to news@retrogamingroundup.com too. Only don't do this one cos I did it already. ;)

31-12-09, 11:46
I have a copy of both this and the C64 book.
They're both excellent and well worth a download.

31-12-09, 07:46
Is the C64 book free too? If not, can someone provide a link to where to buy it?

01-01-10, 03:25
Is the C64 book free too? If not, can someone provide a link to where to buy it?

Too drunk to do the "Let Me Google That For You" but I just Googled that for oyu.


01-01-10, 05:12
Sorry about that, sometimes I forget how simple it is to find stuff nowadays with just a simple search of Google. What I meant to say was, is there an online store that supports/advertises with either Retrogaming Roundup or Chase the Chuckwagon that offered the book for sale.