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24-12-09, 03:22
Hi, I am a 43 year old from London who loves classic games, so much so that I created my own little Classic Retro Gaming website a few years ago which is still going: www.thebasementarcade.co.uk. Its very amateur but its just for fun and brings back some memories.

At my age I was lucky enough to be in at the very start of what is now known as the classic gaming period in both the arcades and on the home console/computer front. Here is a quick list of the past systems I was lucky enough to own back in the day:

Binatone TV Master Mk6. (Pong)
Grandstand - Mark III Video Game System.
Acetronic -MPU 1000.
Atari 400 16k version.
Sega MegaDrive.
Super Nintendo.
Playstation 1.
plus Various handhelds

Many nights were spent on these systems as well as round my friends houses where we played on their Atari 2600's and ZX Spectrum systems.

I am so glad that RetroGaming Roundup is here to bring it all back to life. I love the format and the length of the show, I used to listen to RetroGaming Radio and Shane Munroe. I was gutted when it stopped but so glad you lads have taken up the mantle and are rapidly becoming the saviours of Retro Gaming. Cheers and please keep up the good work.

Invader aka james h :PAC

24-12-09, 04:01
Hi James, welcome, and thanks for linking back to us on your site.

24-12-09, 06:30
Wow, so many UK listeners lately, glad to see we are catching on, welcome!

29-12-09, 11:29
Thanks for the welcome guys, looking forward to hearing what you have in store for 2010, keep up the good work.