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19-12-09, 02:17
I figured this was worth starting its own thread for. Mike, I found myself nodding along the whole time, and I couldn't agree more - you're not the only one.

I have a 360 and I've definitely enjoyed some games on it, but it's been 2-3 years now and I still haven't bought a full-priced retail game for it. I also haven't felt the need to buy anything on release day. Lots of "meh, I'll stick it in my Gamefly queue and maybe I'll try it."

I really like the Wii, but it feels like "the system of wasted potential." The last game I bought when it came out was Smash Brothers, and I ended up selling it on ebay a few weeks later because I didn't like it at all. No more "release day" games for me, I'll get to it when I get to it.

This is the first generation in a long time where I have no desire to own all the major consoles. There are ps3 games I'm interested in, and if someone offered me a straight up trade for my 360 I'd do it just for something different, but I don't care that much. That's the thing. There are fun games, I just don't care about them. I'm haven't gotten obsessed with them like I did for older stuff (the Dreamcast was the last system that had games like that for me).

The thing is, I just enjoy the gameplay of older games more. I bought NHL 09 a few years ago and after 4-5 games I hadn't scored a single goal. The controls were way too complex. NHL '94 is a blast, and I can still play and enjoy that even today. I honestly had more fun with 7800 Hat Trick than NHL 09. I like the occasional FPS, but even a game like Bioshock - as good as it was - didn't really do anything new. It was a cool setting and had great production values, and I had fun do doubt; but it didn't really have me on the edge of my seat, or make me stay up until 2am like you said. It was good enough to actually play through, and that's getting more and more rare for me.

I recently pulled both my Amiga 500 and c64 out of the closet and started playing that again, and I'm having a blast. There are so many older games I never got around to playing, or I may have played a copied version once and then lost the game in the shuffle that it feels brand new.

I don't have anything against modern consoles. I sure don't miss the disk swapping and load times. I sure like being able to save my progress and see which friends are online. But as far as game play goes, the older (16 bit and prior) era was just more fun for me.

As I was poking through my big box of Amiga games and just having picked up the Commodore Book, it was struck by how much variety there was in themes and settings. You had stuff like Nuclear War, North and Sound, Paladin, Black Crypt, Shadow of the Beast, Silkworm, Empire, It Came From The Desert, TV Sports Football/Basketball, Fright Night, Tunnels of Armageddon... Even crazier and more varied stuff on the c64. People say "well, there were just as many Pac Man and Space Invaders clones back in the day as there are Doom clones now." Perhaps. But there was a MUCH wider range of themes, and a lot more experimentation in gameplay. Outside of the occasional oddball title like Katamari Damacy, how many game settings or themes are there? Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, "Modern Day Crime" and WW2. Seriously, that's just about it. And when was the last time we saw a new genre?

Again, I'm not dumping on modern games. I play them and I enjoy them. But I don't see myself picking up many ps2-and-beyond games and playing them 30 years from now. But you can bet I'll still have my Demon Attack cartridge and I'll be trying to roll over the score.

So, that's it, end of rant. Just wanted to post my thoughts on your editorial because it really struck a chord this month. Great job.