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14-12-09, 11:38
So My girlfriend puts up with My gaming - She new I was into it before she met me and we moved in together and for the most part she tolerates it. we work together in tech support and likes my little quirks, like eating my lunch from the metal pacman lunch box i got from solcalMike on the autions way back (which i just managed to get the thermos for), and she calls me pacman as a cute nickname which i love really, and everyone knows at work that although geeky I'm not a nerd and have great laugh and fun with everyone.

So anyway, I was browsing ebay a while back and looking at the game and watch wishing I'd kept hold of the couple I had as a kid back in the 80's as i cant believe the price these now go for.

When she remembered she Had one and got all excited. Now it's the first time she actually shown an interest in just about anything retro gamer. A bit of her background. She grew up in Estonia in the 80's, she's 30 i'm thirty 35, back then they were under Russian rule so technology was a bit harder to come by than the throw away life style i had back then ( it scares me some of the tales of food being so expensive and her mum sowing her own clothes because ofthe cost of goods - They are part or of the EU now ) but she remembered playing one where you were a wolf cathing eggs it was a Russian verison and although not hers she played it and loved it and forgot about it.

So I went online and played the game on line version with her for several hours - The only other game she's actually loved is Germ buster (dr.mario) on the DS verison of Brian training

So i'm thinking I want to get her something a bit so special and different so I'm looking at the game and watch and somehow fate is smiling on me over in the Ukriane is a guy selling a couple of the exact model she was after! $60 dollars later including shipping and I've got a great old school boxed Russian Game and watch clone.

Something that embraces my hobby and brings back a few memories for her - Don't worry I got her some other stuff non Game related as well. :)




14-12-09, 11:50
That is a great story, congrats!