View Full Version : Mainframe Computer Room circa 1990

11-12-09, 05:48
If I come across a video on YouTube, I often subscribe to the author.
This is one such video showing a mainframe computer room circa 1990 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdNxaRa4roo) that appears fully operational.

I just thought it was interesting to see and share, especially since I have never seen this in either video or in person (just a few pictures). You likely can't play any games on it, but perhaps you can play a text adventure if you manage to telnet in lol

08-09-10, 01:55
Thanks for posting!
I loled when he said "this computer has 96 Megs of RAM. Compare it to your
computer at home, that may have 1 or 2 Megs of RAM".

If nothing else, this sentence shows how old the video really is.

08-09-10, 02:01
I haven't seen Trog on for awhile, wonder where he's been.