View Full Version : Mike'd Up & Came From Mame - Back for December

01-12-09, 07:47
Hey all,

Sorry to have left out a couple key segments in the November cast. My Mame cab was on the blink but is now back up and running so It Came From Mame will be back in the monthly lineup.

Mike'd Up will also be making a return in the Dec. cast.

Thanks for listening :CHR

01-12-09, 07:51
Can't wait - two of my favorite segments.

02-12-09, 03:21
And there was much rejoicing! :SFK


03-12-09, 09:14
Yeah I really like those 2 segments too. Esp' the mic'd up - that's really atmospheric, I feel like I'm right beside you searching for gold in a wheely bin.

04-12-09, 06:53
Glad to hear that Mike. It Came from Mame I like just because there are so many MAME games to choose from, it's good to hear about those unknown games.

Mic'd up is just awesome. I wish we had those markets like that here. We are stuck with "flea markets" that are actually booths people make in abandoned K-Mart stores. Sometimes you find some good stuff, but its rare. Pawn shops are decent at times, and there are two used game shops I frequently visit, even though one hardly carries any Genesis stuff and is heavy on NES/SNES. I'd love to tear into that SoCal market.

Stuck in Indiana though.