View Full Version : Intellivision is coming to DS

01-12-09, 06:24
Keith Robinson just alerted me of this:

Big news! We (finally) signed with a publisher to bring Intellivision to the DS in 2010! Formal announcement will be made at CES in January.

This is great news as Keith has been trying to find a publisher for Intellivision Lives DS for a couple years now. This game is perfect for the DS as the top screen is the game play screen and the lower screen is a remake of the controller overlays needed to play the games.

As this develops we will have updates on RetroGamingRoundup. I have seen a dev copy of this and the game selection is great and offers multiplayer on games like Shark Shark and others.

I can't wait for this to come out!

02-12-09, 12:25
This is great news.

I didn't expect it to see the light of day.

07-03-10, 03:07
More news:


11-03-10, 01:47
Great idea for the DS, would definitely fit perfectly on the little system.

BUT it's not enough to make me want to go out and get another DS because that would be one of maybe 5 games I'd play ... and I already have it for the PS2. lol

Not as good, but it keeps me from getting yet ANOTHER DS (I've owned 3 or 4) just to be disappointed by the library on it. It's got the same problem as the Wii ... for every 1 good game there are 10 or 20 that are COMPLETE garbage.

Now ... if they released it on the iPhone/iPod Touch ... use the C64 emulator's layout and have a button at the bottom you tap for the keypad, I'd buy it in a heartbeat to have that shit in my pocket. :)

Or, even the iPad when it comes out if they could figure out a control scheme that would work with that bigger screen that doesn't involve tilting the thing.

That's why Adventure on the iPhone sucks ... they don't have a normal control method.