View Full Version : Picked up DSi Black Friday

27-11-09, 10:42
I finally picked up a Mario Holiday bundle DSi at Target this morning for $169. Target also gave you back a $20 gift card so only cost $149. It came preloaded with 5 "Mario" titles which was $20 in DSiware games. So seemed like a good time to get it.

Now onto downloading some DSiware games.

28-11-09, 02:37
Also picked up my first few DSiware games. So far I've picked up:

Robot Rescue - Great 200 Point Game!

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon - Great Realistic Style Pinball Table

Birds & Beans - Simply but addictive. Great!

It was one of the holiday bundles so came preloaded with:

Mario Vs. DK
WarioWare Snapped
Dr.Mario Express
Mario Calculator
Mario Clock

28-11-09, 05:29
Nice... what color did you get?
Is this your first DS system?
If not, how does it compare?

Can you back up the included
DSiWare games, or do
you lose them forever?

And I assume you need to own a Nintendo Wii
to download more DSiWare games.

I used to own the original bulky DS
and then after that, the DS Lite.
I recently sold the DS Lite,
because I didn't find
myself playing it
that much.

I now own Dingoo A-320, which I
play a lot, and I want to buy the second
version of the Game Boy Advance SP
and a DSi eventually.