View Full Version : UnderCroft on Iphone=Dungeon Master/Ishar

19-11-09, 05:36
This is a "Holy Crap!" game... I've had my 3G ITouch for 3 months and had yet to find a killer app until.... I found UnderCroft.

Turn-based RPG, very much like Dungeon Master, just as immersive, I'm addicted.
Addicted enough that afer 3 hours I restarted just so I could change my character classes.
And then restarted again, and once again... think I've got 'em how I like 'em now, screw magic give me another axe.

Here's a video review that does a very good job: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXZCIu2ZsfU
Shame about the Aussie accent, but beggars can't. ;)

If you have an IPhone/Touch and remember enjoying this kind of game before they got all real-time and polygony, but after they were too 2D and disassociative, get this game. It's brilliant. And it shows that a touchscreen platform is tailor-made for an RPG like this.

And there's a lite version too!

19-11-09, 05:51
Thanks for the post. This game looks fantastic. I am getting it now. I also picked up Star Wars Trench Run and really like it.

19-11-09, 09:21
Let me know what you think - I'm picking you'll get hooked like I am.