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16-11-09, 02:11
Anyone who listens to the show knows that I am a huge Terminator fan. I picked up a T2 pinball earlier this year, they come around often but I really wanted a clean one with as perfect a playfield as you can get so I waited a long time on that one. As pure coincidence this week a friend put a T2 Video up for sale that is about a 9 out of 10. It really needs just minor maintenance. The gun recoil, marquee light, and a new mylar over the CPO (or new CPO) due to some KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!' s cigarette being put on the CPO while playing.

The addition of this one is sort of bittersweet, it is a great game but unfortunaly it means my Terminator coin op collection is as complete as it will ever be. Stern decided to make an NBA game about the time T4 came out, how great would a T4 pin be with the speech library size available now and the great SAM boardset! A-10 strafe runs, knock out the aerostat, rescue human prioners, the assault on skynet tons of great missions could have been done instead we get another KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM! basketball title. The second sad point is that T3 pinball is just a failure. I really wanted to like it. In fact I even spent a solid 30 min playing it at auction to just make sure that I was not wrong, that I hadn't missed something. It really is a crap game. Just shoot and hit a ramp, nothing else going on there. The backglass rocket launcher is a bore too. I really wish I could force myself to like it but I can't.


17-11-09, 09:08
Hey! Looks cool.

A game I remember from my local arcade back in the UK.

I shall have to make do with MAME and a mouse...LOL

I noticed this in my MAME History File:

"Some enemies in Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (especially those from the Skynet Complex stage) were meant to be in the original Terminator 2 movie, unfortunately they were scrapped from the film because of budget issues."

Interesting factoid....if true :)


17-11-09, 09:56
Very true, they had a complete assault on Skynet written where they actually have the resistance using the time displacement machine and fighting pods and the forerunner of the aerostat. I have read it was cut due to budget, I have also heard it was cut due to more chase scene time. Either way, there are some great new macines in that game. And that is one of the great points about Terminator 4, high resolution up close shots, tons of screen time for the machines.

17-11-09, 10:10
Cool :)

I'm not a MASSIVE fan of the Terminator films - though they're certainly v.good.

I'd agree 100% on Stern's 'dodgy' licensing deals though.......

World Poker Tour ????
NBA ????
Wheel of fortune ???

T4 would have been SOOOOOOO much cooler!!!!

17-11-09, 04:07
Have you seen T4 yet?

17-11-09, 06:03
Have you seen T4 yet?

I must confess that I haven't.........

But just a theme I always think killer robots in multi-million dollar motion pictures score over garishly painted woodedn wheels on gameshows :D

17-11-09, 09:31
I will tell you what I have told others, T4 is what the new Star Trek is to the Star Trek series. Give it a try, great story line, great exploration of the world!

22-11-09, 12:03
Agreed, Scott. I quite enjoyed T4 (much better than T3, for my money), and don't quite get the hatred that most people seemed to have for it. I thought it was a lot of fun, and a worthy entry in the franchise.


22-11-09, 03:32
It was mixed for me. When I saw T1 I always thought there were two more stories to be told, how the machines came to power and how the humans fought and won the war. T2 didn't to a great deal to move the story line along, it was sort of a repeat of #1, had they only included the skynet scenes.... #3 moved the story along and explained how the machines came to be. It showed many of the designs and how the machines would later evolve from their human designed origins. If you think of T1 where he refers to a machine made plasma rifle as a Westinghouse it sort of makes sense. The machines had all the human designs, they automated human factories, and advanced those designs. What is never touched on enough in the movie is how limited the resources that the machines had in the early years. They really needed that time after the war before the humans organized just to establish basic facilities and the security models. T3 could have been a little harder edged and closer to T4 but it did a decent job.

23-11-09, 03:21
I think most of T3's flaws lie in the casting. This was by far our wimpiest, least capable John Connor, and Claire Danes was thoroughly forgettable from start to finish. I did like the last 15 minutes of T3 quite a bit. And actually, I think T2, T3, and T4 could probably be condensed down into two really kick ass films, though I'm not sure how I'd restructure them.


23-11-09, 04:03
I agree about John Connor, you could portray him as a teen, as a teen can be, but he was more spastic than needed. Clair Danes looked pretty good to me.


But yes, John Connor in T3 had a Goth Vader feel from the Star Wars series of late