View Full Version : My new Zaxxon Mini

15-11-09, 11:13
Picked up for $250. Sold my Atari SteepleChase though to make room :(

I loved this game when I found a cheap crapped out cab about a year ago. Sold it because it looked horrible. So was pleased to score ScooterDealers Zaxxon Mini. I know it was discussed here before somewhere, but it has a ball joystick instead of the normal Zaxxon control stick. The Zaxxon Mini Op manual confirms the normal Zaxxon control stick on the photo on the front of the manual.

The funny thing is the CPO is completely different on the one on the cover of the manual than what is on mine. Graphics and button locations are different. Does anyone know if they, in fact, did ship some of these out with ball style joysticks?

Also, notice the cool, blue striped T-molding :)


16-11-09, 02:19
I thought for a moment that it was a repro CPO but it looks original upon a closer look. I have never seen a Zaxxon with a ball top, other than the KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!tail which did come with them. I checked my flyers and ads and couldn't find a standup with a ball top

16-11-09, 02:20
Spell check actually blocked out a certain type of cabnet....

22-11-09, 12:11
Neat! I've never seen a ZAXXON cabinet like this, or a balltop joystick on the game. Congrats on a really interesting find. The T-molding is gorgeous. Slap a new CPO on there and you've got a really fine, and unusual, addition to your collection.