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15-11-09, 09:29
Hi there,

Sorry for plugging another show. But I just thought I'd mention that Rob & Steve have FINALLY put up Episode 12B


I've been waiting for this since MAY.....Phew!!!

They're discussing the year 1980 - I wanna see if they mention Bally's 'space Invaders' table as I've just discovered a place here in Christchurch that has both one of these.....AND a TZ!

Think that NZ is one cool place for still having operators with tables in public :D


15-11-09, 05:14
Thanks for the post. I've not heard of this one. And def if anyone else knows of other good retrogaming podcasts, share them. The more the better.

15-11-09, 06:03
Cheers So Cal :)

They did mention Space Invaders - as it was in Bally's Top 3 biggest runs for 1980. But they prefered (and I think we know someone else that'd agree... :D) Bally's other top seller for the year Xenon.

Interesting fact was that over the top 4 manufacturers - Williams, Bally, Gottlieb and Stern the production total for tables in 1980 was over 170 000!!!! As they pointed out this is a total it'd take the current Stern some 17 YEARS to turn out.......How times change.....

15-11-09, 06:39
We are totally fine with posting about other shows here, I for one see us as more of a community rather than competitors. I know I have mentioned Clay's TopCast probably a dozen times on our show. I do retro game media because I enjoy it and want to see lots of healthy shows. What I would like to see is more cross promotion and community building with the shows that are out there.

17-11-09, 07:59
But they prefered (and I think we know someone else that'd agree... :D) Bally's other top seller for the year Xenon.

Hey Scott,

You know I was talking about you right? - They dug the girl with her back to you in the backglass too ;)

I got to play that Space Invaders tonight after work.....MAN! - I that sucker WIIIIIIIIIIDE?!?!?!? Jeez LOL

I think I'm really spoilt for tables on location here in NZ - I had to walk 5 mins to this fish N Chip shop (Ask UK Mike :) ) to play Space Invaders (They also had a Flintstones and a TZ). Then I walked to a Timezone (Like a Family Arcade with redemption games etc) round the corner to play FG (They've not toned down the speech on FG a bit....'Meth Fuelled Orgy' LOL). I also know that a coffee shop has a Dr Who (Not got there as yet as not a big coffee drinker Ha ha).

All these games seem v.well maintained too - It's GREAT :D

17-11-09, 08:14
So what do you think of Family Guy as a game, regardless of the theme? They reskinned it as Shrek a year ago or so, had Family Guy not been released as much as I don't care for Shrek the game is so good I probably would have owned it anyway. Just curious, whenever I see a Family Guy on location I always take a loot at the software version. What version is this one running? You can reach underneath the front right and flip the switch off and on and it will show you, about a 3 second boot time max. Ask them if they have the director's cut turned on as well, that has some great alternate audio, if they are cool they might set it up for you, let me know if you need menu settings to get to it.

And YES I get you were referring to me, it is a great game that fits many categories and if it fits it fits!

17-11-09, 09:00
I think FG is indeed a classic. I've never really watched the show I must add - though the games made me consider grabbing Season One and taking a look.

Love the Stewie mini-playfield as a toy and it all just holds together nicely. Simple too (In a GOOD way) - I know TZ is a classic but I'm gonna have to pore over a rulesheet and practice on VP a bit to even understand the depths LOL. I think it definitely the most successful of the New Stern tables - I've played Spiderman, and that's OK - Batman was so-so in my opinion - and I though the New IJ SUCKED BIG! - Such an EMPTY playfield!!!

Not sure what ROMs running - and as they have all their games set up on a Swipe Card system I'm not gonna mess with them - They're pretty friendly though, so may just ask.

I think the Shrek reskin was probably a good move for the younger demograhic though.

This shop I went to today with the HUE SP, TZ and Flintstones say they're gonna get a Hot Hand (1979) - Looked it up on IPDB and seems it's an OLD Stern LOL.

What do you make of The Getaway? That's a fave of mine - remember playing back in early 90's - Cool Steve R game - LOVE that Supercharger! LOL

17-11-09, 11:48
So the Shrek I played this year in Sea World is a reskinned Family Guy?

17-11-09, 11:58
They are the exact same game other than graphics and software. You can load Shrek software on FG and play it, and the opposite as well.



17-11-09, 01:00
Yeah that's the table I played.

It was 50cents to play.