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07-11-09, 12:42
Hey UK, I just watched it and cheers HEAPS for the tip, it was brilliant.

You'd hardly believe it (considering you couldn't get further away from Britain), but back in the day in New Zealand we got BBC B's in our classrooms too. My high school had about 15, all networked. I was a computer monitor so used to have a lot of time on them, banging out low level code. Great great computers, bloody fast and the best of that period.
I'd love to pick one up one day. I wonder if any came over here to the US.

Anyway, the movie was super well done, and the clips from The Computer Programme really brought it all back.

Thanks again man, and to anyone of you other guys who haven't seen it yet, SEE IT!

But I'm not going to tell you where to find it if you're not in the UK..:D

07-11-09, 02:26
Hey no problem, I really enjoyed it. I hope some of the irony in there isn't lost on the US viewers because it really works.

I'm sure BBCs made it over to the US in some degree and I'm sure some of our listeners will fill us in on how they got hold of them.

Hell, if the Sinclair made it over, the BBC Micro must have.

I didn't realise they made it to New Zealand but I guess there is more UK influence there than I know.

I wish I'd been when I was in the area.

09-11-09, 09:26
Hi there,

Thought I'd comment as I also watched it from NZ.

Was great - Really brought back a flavour of the 80's - Great performances and script too :)

Loved the ending with Sir Clive on his C5 being overtaken by Microsoft and HP juggernauts.....classic.

Hi to all in NZ - I'm a pom in Chch. Gonna have to tell Scott about the pinballs still playable in public here. I played TOTAN in Auckland airport on way back to Christchurch last month :D Cool As.

Do you plan to cover the Virtual Pinball scene in any depth by the way? Be great if you did - Some great recreations out there (Shame my laptop can't cope with VP9 :( )