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01-11-09, 07:56
This is my 11th year of attending the auctions and what a strange year it was. I have gone to the Baltimore MD auction, about 2 hours north of where I live about 9 years in a row now. This year was a radical departure from the previous years and may or may not be a bust in terms of bringing home game(s) but was not a bust in terms of adventure that this hobby often takes us into.

Part 1, Why not use the GPS, OR, let me leave the good one at home.

I have two GPS units, a run of the mill Garmin Nuvi that I have used for about 2 years and a fancy shmancy aviation unit that can even do weather radar etc. I elected to leave that one at home to keep it safe and take the normal auto GPS, besides I had saved the auction parking lot as a waypoint last year, what could go wrong? My normal route is to take the loop around Baltimore to the northwest where the auction site is then take a few local roads and I am there. The GPS, programmed for shortest route, wanted me to take a different route. I figured OK, why not. About 30 min later we arrived next to a field in central MD at the waypoint specifically labeled as auction, the one I saved at the parking lot, not this field I had never been to in my life. So, I input the address of the auction and good luck, it was only 17 miles away and it was 20 min till the start of the auction.

Part 2, Yee-Haa, OR, In the Ghetto

After about 5 miles of the nastiest twisty hilly 110deg corner roads something funny happened. I was driving my Subaru STi, decked out with adjustable track suspension, the Vishnu engine package which upgrades the stock 300hp engine to just a RCH above 500Hp. And I was towing a 5x8 uhaul trailer. By all accounts a great tow vehicle, I can still run a nice 0-60 time with this thing bouncing along behind me. We came to a bridge with a straight section of road and railroad tracks that were under construction. Let me tell you that an STi with a 5x8 foot Uhaul trailer can be jumped Dukes of Hazard style. This lovely farm road drive soon dumped us into the deepest heart of the Baltimore ghetto. Two whiteboys in a sportscar with a trailer must have been the event of the day. In front of each storefront and each alley was literally a person leaning and leering. I left two lights under full acceleration with all four tires turning and the trailer banging along behind as a cloud of the local gentry came out to meet us. And I say cloud because all you saw was a cluster with various arms, legs, and such sticking out. Then the area yielded to civilization and soon the auction site.

Part 3, where is everyone, OR, where is everything?

The Baltimore auction is one of the largest on the East coast. As a natural part of being a long term collector things do "thin out" in a way. You own and are no longer looking for Space Invaders, Moon Patrol, PacMan, etc. so allot of the auction is not for you. That is one thing. But this year the crowd was smaller, the rows shorter, and thinner. A good friend of mine came along to look for a poker machine for his father and while there were lots of touch screen bar games that had some poker games it wasn't what he needed. We did have a blast playing some games we would not necessarily own. Hydro Thunder is a great game where you race boats on a course, we had some runs at that. A highlight for us, both being pilots, was a airliner simulation game where you fly in Japan making departures and takeoffs from various airports. It was a fun sim with throttle, yoke, and EFIS controls being well done.

Part 4, Trick, OR, Treat?

Since auction was held on Halloween day both I and Mike had promised our wives we would be home by 6pm and that meant leaving auction by 4pm. Normally the auctioneer does the front room first, then the back room which is all the "buy it now, for a fortune" games that are put up for auction if they don't sell. This year the headed straight for the back room. The two games I wanted, Red Baron and Sky Dive, which are electromechanical pins, were in the front room at the end of row one. So at 4pm with them at least an hour or two from that row we had to leave. A friend of mine who runs an arcade business in Manassas (Randy Paris, Game Room Deals, give him some business!) said he would try to pick them up for me if possible. I won't know till Monday afternoon if it worked out.

02-11-09, 01:56
Oh, and the reasons for rushing back in time for Halloween. Normally I would blow it off for auction. However, Mike has two little boys so it would not do for dad to miss trick or treating, and I invited him knowing this. Second, my wife is always excited about Halloween and this year we had costumes. No way was I going to piss off the wife that lets me collect and fill the house with games by staying for two more.

The let down was that nobody outside of friends got the joke. We did a Flintstones theme. She dressed as Pebbles and I dressed as Barney. Now what would naughty neighbor Barney be doing with Pebbles........

02-11-09, 11:15
Now what would naughty neighbor Barney be doing with Pebbles........

Hmmm, Bam Bam?

04-11-09, 01:44
You gotta update this to let us know if you got those pins or not.

04-11-09, 03:21
It ended the only way it could have ended, just found out Monday, Red Baron was pulled and Sky Dive was a buy back.

07-11-09, 06:54
This is how I go to auction, better than a picup. I am running the FP green turbo, uprated injectors, software etc. Putting down a hair over 500hp. The suspension is a tarmac rally suspension with adjustable damping so the trailer is no trouble at all, I can leave a light and still run a decent 0-60.


08-11-09, 12:00
One row a auction


11-11-09, 05:59
That is hilarious! What do they say when you go to U-HAUL and hitch that on?!

11-11-09, 01:03
The guy who rents Uhauls is the same shop that does the tires on my car. I did give them a good laugh when I did a four wheels spinning launch, Gtech on the dash called it at 4.22 seconds 0-60. A favorite thing to do is sit for an extra second at a light, letting the guy in front of me think oh great a trailer, and then nail it.

11-11-09, 04:27
I used to do something similar in a past life as a truck driver.

My 500bhp 14litre truck would beat most cars to 60mph with 1 gear change and some clutch slipping.