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30-10-09, 12:09
From Digital press and diskoboy:

"For those that didn't know - Bally sold the rights to their pinball division to a company in Australia.


Two rare favorites are about to be re-manufactured for a limited time. Those pins would be Medieval Madness and Cactus Canyon.

But the kicker (no pun intended) is an all NEW Bally machine is in development! I find thier theme a bit odd, (It's based on the Crocodile Hunter), but it's so nice to have the best maker of pins, in the world (not a big fan of Stern, or Data East/Sega...) back in action!!

(EDIT - Oh, and that 'translite' is a 23" plasma)

The only drawback is since this company is located down under, expect to pay a MASSIVE fee to import them."

30-10-09, 04:43
Unfortunately this news has a long and sorted past. Part of Bally was sold to Gene Cunningham and part to Wayne in Australia. They (WMS/Bally) broke up the patents and assets doing the best they could to make sure that nobody could produce Bally or Williams machines. The reason was that pinball was doing OK but not as well as the gambling machines so they killed pinball to raise the stock price by having it just a gambling machine company. They didn't want to look stupid if someone bought the company and made it really work, which could have very well happened. So, in the time since then Gene did manufacture / finish production on Big Bang Bar with about 150 or so units made. Wayne took lots of deposits promising to make Medieval Madness but no product ever surfaced, it has been a hot topic for years in the pinball group.

Here are some choice quotes;

"At this rate, he's on schedule to ship the last machine by either 2020
or the Second Coming (whichever comes later).

No, you haven't missed a damn thing :) "

"To respond to your question it kind of went like this: Wayne announced that he
was pregnant with a baby (MM remakes). A lot of people sent him baby shower
gifts (deposits) in the hopes they could see and play with the baby when it was
born. The baby died. A few people have asked for their gifts back, but most seem
to be strangely waiting to see if the situation improves, and will still
occasionally mention they are looking forward to playing with the baby. "

"Learning from tried and true management techniques Wayne restructured
his company by laying off all employees, brought in a consultant to
get the project back on track, and awarded himself a big bonus out of
customer deposit money for a job well done. "

"Come back in a few years. And the situation will be the same. You haven't
missed anything. LTG :) "

01-11-09, 01:41
Hilarious summary of the situation, Suburu! Dead or not, I hope the baby is feeling better soon. :)

Medieval Madness was one of the few pinball tables I genuinely enjoyed playing during my video game phase, although no pin will ever trump Haunted House for me. Even if HH hadn't been a terrific game, the theme alone was enough to capture my heart forever.


09-11-09, 09:34
Ther're some funny posts on RGP on the whole Wayne the Pain thing.

The thing's turned into a VERY long joke.......

I would recommend playing Pacdude's Big Bang Bar (BBB) recreation on VP8 - It's cool - Would love to play one for real :)