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22-10-09, 09:53
Just picked up a nice Sega Nomad for $25 (with Sonic 3D Blast too!) from someone on the wagon. He for some reason doesn't use photos so his items are always ending cheaper than they should. So I got a good deal on this and it works great. Also has the AA battery pack which sucks batteries after about an hour of play.

Does anyone know which Sega AC Adapter it uses. It's not the same as the standard Genny.

Loving me some portable Sega gaming goodness though :GEN:

22-10-09, 10:10
The Sega MK-2103 that works for genesis 2 and game gear is the one you want. It's the power cord that has the yellow tip.Thats a sweet deal on the nomad. Yeah the battery situation sucks on those. Still fun to play tho

23-10-09, 10:14
I love my Nomad! Congrats! :mspac: Sweet price and it's probably my favorite way to play Genesis Games.

I just would like to add that when I want "on the go" gaming with it, I use the rechargable belt clip battery pack for the Game Gear.

24-10-09, 07:49
Janken the great is correct, the 2nd Gen :GEN: power supply will work for nomad. 25 bucks? I'm so jealous! I passed on a CDX at a pawn shop when I couldn't get the guy down to 50 bucks. He only wanted 75. NOw I'd have to pay 300 to get one. What was I thinking?