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21-10-09, 03:13
I had this wrist watch game from Armitron - Saturn 1:


This was a great game that involved moving your ship zig zag across the screen from left to right while avoiding being hit by the enemy UFOs. I was very lucky to come across this on Ebay a few years ago but have yet to see another one. And I have no idea what ever happened to my original one.

I also wanted the Pac Man watch but never got one, although lots of my friends had them.

Casio also had a few game watches that were pretty cool too. Anyone else have one of these or still have one? Post your photos.

21-10-09, 03:21
There were three PacMan watches that I remember. The Nelsonic one with the four buttons and then there was another one that had a small ball top joystick that was much nicer, looked almost like the machine! Then there was another one that had a back joystick.


23-10-09, 05:20
I had this very same Pac-Man watch! Awesome to see it again. My friend had a Pac-Man watch that had a tiny little joystick on it. I remember being very jealous of her. And I always DREAMED of getting the Game & Watch of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior, but I never did. I used to play those all the time; my local department store had a demo set up where you could play them. Oddly, I've never come across either of them in all years of flea market haunting or thrift store diving. (i did have a Burgertime Game & Watch, though.)


23-10-09, 12:16
They may have been regional. I saw them in the Sears catalogs but they were pretty much absent from the local stores.

24-10-09, 07:46
I had two wrist watch games. One was Packman and one was Frogger. This would have been around 82 or 83. LIving in BFE Nevada the only way we would have got them was from the good old Sears catalog. The picture that Scott posted looks like hte one I had, can't remember if it had a joystick. I remeber it didn't really play that well, but playing games in class was really all that mattered. Lucky kids today have cell phones and DS.

24-10-09, 08:03
Full credit to the fine folks at handheldmuseum who posted these pics on their site, a great resource. I was able to find the one I was thinking of. As I recalled it did come with several joysticks and was much nicer than the pushbutton one.




24-10-09, 08:10
OK and lets see, I had these:


Legend of Zelda was amazing, you could really play through and get the triforce parts and new weapons as I recall also. A lot of gameplay and a really nice background.


I didn't even like baseball but it was a game!


A favorite:


And I think I had this one or traded for it, can't recall but I remember playing it.


24-10-09, 08:26
Other favorites:


I knew so many people that had it I never bothered to get one. We used to bring them on the bus and trade back and forth.

Had one of these:


And one of these:


I think we all had the originals of these. I bought a few when the re-made them:


One of the first ones I owned:


And so many others, I should drag a few of my game and watch ones out and put a battery in.

25-10-09, 01:00
Wow, these are great! I had the Digital Derby and Classic Football as well, but hadn't thought about them in years. Now all of a sudden I want nothing more than to play them again!


22-01-11, 06:28
Bumping an old post. Anyone else have any game watches?

22-01-11, 09:18
I _had_ the PacMan with the four buttons a long time ago. I thought it was heavenly at the time.