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19-10-09, 04:49
Hello. I recently discovered the podcast a couple months back. I love it, especially during road trips and during lunch at work. I keep it on my Zune all the time (my iPod touch is used more as a handheld computer than a media player)

well about me: I am a huge fan of the 8 and 16 bit era and have a sizable cart collection that grows a bit more every month. I still play modern games on ps3 and on rare occassion the wii. Im also a member over at playthenes.com, and have some review vids at YouTube.com/sentinel_cl. I also plan on someday building a nice game room, with one or two pinballs, one or two mame machines, 4 or 5 arcade machines, and pool/foozball/air hockey tables, as well as skeeball if I can find one. That should fill the basement, lol.

I also have a 5 year old son who plays the retro titles with me. It makes for some entertaining moments to say the least. I hope I have as much fun here as I do over at playthenes!

19-10-09, 05:33
Great about your son! My boy is a ROTC cadet and headed off to college before too long, and has his Jeep now. Trust me, he was barely taller than the couch arm a few years ago. My son has grown up in a house where a Mrs Pacman is in the kitchen next to the microwave. And his Xbox360 on a 58" HD is upstairs. He moves between both with ease. He is not a retro nut but he sees them as normal and one in the same!

20-10-09, 02:12
I am very amused that my own sons (twins, age 8) have completely mastered the various fighting games on the Wii and Playstation, with their complicated controllers and move combinations... and yet they find Ms. Pac Man and Joust to be "way too hard". They still enjoy playing retro games, though. Their favorite (on MAME) is Pooyan.


20-10-09, 03:11
Ha. Pooyan is one of my favorite games too. Have you joined the auction site yet?

24-10-09, 04:21
I haven't joined yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point. I've browsed some of the auction listings, but have no surplus cash to buy anything right now.


24-10-09, 04:37
No problem. We will be around when you decide to take the plunge. There has been lots of good deals on it lately :)