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19-10-09, 03:41
Hello all,

I'm Joe Barlow, in Scranton, PA. I just discovered the RetroGamingRoundup podcast this week, and blew through the entire archive in a matter of days. (Thank goodness I can listen to my iPod at work!) I am very pleased with the show, and have loved hearing so much about one of my favorite topics: classic video games.

Before I got married, I had a number of arcade games, but I got rid of them when the wife moved in. MAME and DAPHNE have rekindled my love of the video game bug, however, and I'm VERY interested in building a MAME cabinet of my own.

At any rate, I'm glad to be here. Keep up the great work on the podcast, and don't listen to the people who say that 5-hour shows are too long! I wish they were longer! :)

-Joe Barlow
Scranton, PA

19-10-09, 03:50
Cool. Glad to have you as a listener. The October show should be hitting any day so keep an eye out :)

19-10-09, 04:26
Great to have you, spread the word! By the way, how did you find us? Check out UKs comments on Maximus as a front end to integrate MAME and Daphne, you can build a sweet one cab solution!

20-10-09, 02:08
Thanks, guys! I'm delighted to see that another new episode hit my iTunes feed this morning. It'll help me get through work tomorrow.

I found the show through iTunes, just by searching on "video games" and "retro".

I have seen UK's video of his Mame/Daphne cabinet on his web page, and Maximus definitely looks like a great piece of software. I'm typically a Mac guy myself, but I think I'll probably try to pick up a used Pentium III or Pentium IV to serve as the brains of my future cab. I picked up a copy of the ExtremeTech book "Build Your Own Arcade Machine" this week, and have been devouring it.

I appreciate the welcome.