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05-10-09, 02:19
If you live in the UK or can get BBC TV you need to watch Micro Men. It's a Comedy / Documentory about Sir Clive Sinclair's battle with Acorn Computers to provide the computer for the BBC's IT Literacy project. It's part of a season called Electric Dreams which charts the history of gadgets from 1970 to 2000.

It airs on Thu 8 Oct 2009 @ 21:00.

05-10-09, 02:50
I would like to see this for sure.

05-10-09, 08:17
I've found some links to wet the appetite.



10-10-09, 03:23
Anyone see it ? i got the last 50 mins or so.I thought it was good ,clive was a mad man.

12-10-09, 12:04
I thought it was a really good comedy drama story, enjoyable whether you're into retro computing or not.

The highlights for me were the :

Loudly announced memo to his secretary at the computer show "that all staff should be made aware that work on the ZX81 was now top secret".

I don't think I will ever forget the line "I don't want to be remembered for bringing the world Jet Set f**king Willy".

I also loved Sir Clive's reaction to losing the BBC contract and the fight between Clive and Chris in the Baron of Beef pub in Cambridge.

The ending was so sad as Clive trundled up an air strip in a C5 whilst a microsoft and compag juggernaut rolled past him.

Interesting point also made in the end credits where the ARM chip designed by Acorn is now the worlds best selling microprocessor. Used in the GBA, DS, GP2X, pretty much every mobile phone etc, etc.

31-10-09, 12:15
I thought it was a really good comedy drama story, enjoyable whether you're into retro computing or not.

I watched this on my PSP during my flight and I loved it. Some of the best moments may go unnoticed if you don't know the story, but one of the most ironic parts was Sinclair watching the BBC Micro release on one of his Sinclair TVs.

19-11-09, 08:27
The game Clive mentions 'There's even one about me trying to get a f&*king knighthood' is 'A Day in the Life' by Micromega


Though seems the scriptwriters may have taken a liberty as I have it on good authority that it wasn't released until after Mr Sinclair became Sir Clive...

By the way our little RetroLeague (see signature) is currently playing this as this week's game.....And it's a right frustrating f&*ker LOL

Link to game below - I'm using the ZXSpin emu.