View Full Version : Window 7 Retro Gaming Theme Pack

04-10-09, 03:50
I have gathered some high resolution retro game wallpapers and made it into a custom Windows 7 themepack. In case your not familiar with it, the theme feature in widows 7 is basically a custom setting of multiple wallpapers that are set to "auto-rotate", nothing groundbreaking but handy nonetheless. If you don't have Windows 7 you can still download the file and rename the extension from .themepack to .rar and then unrar it and use the individual images. I am in no way claiming authorship of any of these wallpapers, they are just great desktop wallpaper that I have came across while surfing. If anyone would like any of these removed from the pack please let me know.

Oh yeah, post some of your favorites too!

Here's the link: