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28-09-09, 11:57
So anyone have this? I saw it playing at a Fry's and thought it looked beautiful and I have not historically been a SF fan. But it looked so great and a lot of fun. Well, I just picked it up from a seller here on the Chuckwagon and am getting ready to dive in.

Just wondered if any of you had it or have played it.

08-09-10, 11:40
I've never been a SF fan, but I liked SFIV a lot. Played it with a friend, we rented it
for a couple of days and I've beaten the shit out of him :-D It is a very fun game, but
imho the game mechanics are stupid. All the moves are somehow useless, except
those Ryu/Ken can do, but it is still a very fun game, far from broken and perfect for

09-09-10, 02:21
I have it for 360, and it is fun with others. Seth the boss is just ridiculous though, cheap as hell. It makes me never want to play the single player mode. It's a beautiful game.

09-09-10, 03:43
Yeah Seth is CHEAP!! I played the hell out of it for 2 weeks when it came out, finally tracked down a decent 360 arcade stick and didn't play it for 2 months, then still played the hell out of it.

Sadly Super SF4 didn't improve much in my opinion, I really only played it online against others. The only kickass thing they did was add back in the barrels and the car!! Pure retro!!

09-09-10, 04:51
I've got this for the PS3 ... though it doesn't so me a hell of a lot of good right now. But when I did play it I mostly played it on the 360. Seems more like Street Fighter 2.5 to me in the way it generically plays. I did buy the 360 SF4 fight stick though. :P And I haven't even played the game with it ... got it mostly for some of the XBLA games and shmups.

On a side note, SF4 for the iPhone isn't too bad either. The touch screen controls are surprisingly good.

09-09-10, 05:21
Oh I'm absolutely playing this. I have it for the Xbox 360 and I'm playing online ranked matches most nights.

Obviously, to be good at the game, you simply can't play with the standard Xbox 360 gamepad, so what I did was, I purchased a Playstation 2 controller adapter and linked that to a wired 360 controller and to a Pelican Real Arcade stick for the PS2 that I purchased a long time ago.

This stick is no longer in production but it's awesome, it has genuine arcade parts and the 360 recognizes it via the adapter without any issues.

This is how my setup looks:


My favorite fighter is E. Honda, with it, I unlocked the "10 online wins in a row" achievement the other night. I also play with Balrog, Ryu, Ken and others.

09-09-10, 05:32
Sadly Super SF4 didn't improve much in my opinion, I really only played it online against others. The only kickass thing they did was add back in the barrels and the car!! Pure retro!!
Also, notice that if you destroy the car with either Guy or Cody; Bred from Final Fight will pop into the scene and cry "OH MY CAR!"

12-09-10, 11:50
Nice setup Flare! Is that a Dreamcast I see under the Xbox 360??

I have the Hori EX arcade stick. I hate the buttons, but they work. I've read I could replace them with more authentic SF buttons but have not looked in to it.

13-09-10, 03:06
Nice setup Flare! Is that a Dreamcast I see under the Xbox 360?? Yes it is, and right beside it is a Wii :)

Btw, Someone turned a Pelican Real Arcade stick into a kick-ass 360 controller
http://shoryuken.com/f177/pelican-re...pgrade-186752/ (http://shoryuken.com/f177/pelican-real-arcade-universal-mc-cthulhu-imp-madcatz-360-triple-pcb-upgrade-186752/)

16-09-10, 06:48
Well that was pretty obvious, what with the Wii Fit sitting there ;)

15-10-10, 04:05
I've been meaning to pick up more fighting games, and Super Street Fighter 4 is one of them.

Been wanting to use an arcade stick, and realized that I have an older PS1 fighting stick. Did some looking around online for the model I have, and it turns out this thing is sought after lol oh I'm keeping it now, and getting a PS1/2 controller to USB converter for it.

15-10-10, 04:34
BurgerTime have you ordered a PS1/2 usb adapter yet? I have an extra I will mail ya if you want it

15-10-10, 04:45
I was going to go take a look around the area for one tomorrow after I get my paycheck, because I'm just itching to dig this arcade stick out of storage and play some Marvel vs Capcom 2 or Darkstalkers. If I don't come across one, I'll certainly take you up on your offer. Thank you :)

15-10-10, 05:48
I can tell you with almost 99.999% confidence you won't find one. I looked for one in early '08, and the only place that had them was Radio Shack. After Sony did away with backward compatibility nobody carried them, as they were no longer supported. Thus why I have extras ;) I found a web site that had them dirt cheap :)

Matter of fact here you go, if you choose== http://www.eforcity.com/dsonps23ad01.html

I will warn you that the adapters do not work with the PS2 guitars for GH nor RB. And my offer stands

15-10-10, 06:51
As a huge Chun Li fan I am very disappointed in her look for Street Fighter IV (and Super Street Fighter IV as well). What's with the "man hands"?? I mean the thunder thighs are fine, that's always been her look, but I just don't enjoy the art style for her in the new games. I'll stick with Tatsunoko vs Capcom

HOWEVER, can I ask if anyone has tried the SF IV fightpads and if so, are they any good? I don't mean the full sticks (I already have one of those for Tatsunoko and I don't have room for another) I mean these fightpads...
Are they any good? Some videos on YouTube indicate they tend to shatter with serious gaming.

And I am hoping this other gamepad works on North American PS3's because it looks awesome! I wonder what the build quality is on this unit. Anyone got this one?

15-10-10, 09:45
I happened to find one of the adapters at a small local retro place. The got 2 in a delivery last year and still had one left. :p
Now I'm going through boxes trying to find my fighting stick.

Edit: Found my fighting stick and now I find out the 3.50 Firmware update for the PS3 last month disabled 75% of the 3rd party products out on the market for the PS3, including this adapter. >:(

16-10-10, 12:31
Hmmm I will have to fire up my PS3 and see if my adapters still work, plus I know a netflix update is coming Monday, so I imagine several hours of updating is in my future :(

Sony is really screwing themselves right out of the market. Microsoft has been top dog in sales numbers since E3 on new consoles, I can only see this lead over the PS3 increasing. Everyone I know who has a PS3 bitches about the frequent updates and how they take way too long to download. Then Sony continues to remove and remove features that a lot of people bought the system for...

16-10-10, 01:19
According to this site the Fightpads (my original question) do still work. So, anyone got one and wish to comment on its durability? Admittedly the fact it could have lost connection due to a firmware update makes me less interested in getting one now.
10-09-2010 07:05 PM
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The Mad Catz FightPads for PS3 (all of them) have no issues post 3.50.
Tested them myself.

16-10-10, 02:55
Well if the adapters you have still work, send me a private message and I'll take you up on you offer.

ComputerSpaceFan, I haven't tried any of those yet, but I imagine that if you're used to playing on controller, these are most likely designed to feel better. From what I hear, anything beats the 360's D pad. Heck the Wiimote on it's side is probably more useful than that D pad. :p

Japan is supposed to have a brand new edition of Super Street Fighter 4 hitting the arcade with some new characters added, and so far from what I've heard, there are no plans on releasing it here. I would say I'm a huge SF fan, but I certainly enjoy the series, and SF4 is a fantastic game. I'm partial to R. Mika, but for her looks alone, not her playability. With Darkstalkers, it's Q-Bee, closely followed by Felicia <3.
A friend of mine plays fighting games on a tournament level, and has ranked really high in regional competitions

16-10-10, 03:03
The 360 D pad is getting fixed in a new controller coming out next month. I have a Hori arcade stick so I don't use the controllers, sorry :(

BT I need to find one of the adapters to test, thought I knew where they are :( I have a good idea where they hopefully are? I know where my old Soul Caliber PS2/GC/XBOX stick is to test :)

16-10-10, 06:07
Lol it's all good. You should of seen me digging through boxes from my move trying to remember where my extra controllers and accessories were.
I turned my negative into a positive though. I plugged this thing into my computer and I'm playing MAME games with my Namco Arcade Stick, and I'm using my PS2 controller for Final Fantasy XIV.
BTW, the stick I have is this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namco_Arcade_Stick

16-10-10, 06:52
I had the same stick but it was a Sony version, my ex room mate took both of them and my PS :(

This is the stick I have http://www.amazon.com/Soul-Calibur-Universal-Arcade-Stick-GAMECUBE/dp/B002BRVNKQ Truth be told I have two, one still in the box, I was in Fry's one day and they were like $10? Hell I think they still had them a year ago??