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27-09-09, 12:12
hi i'm 37 from dublin ireland , have be playing games since i my mother gave me and atari 800 xl for my birthday about 1985 with pole position that came free (15 minutes to load from tape how did we ever stick that) since then i have more or less every system.Thanks to ebay i now have an attic full of junk as my wife calls it ,from the vic 20 to the dreamcast ,i was lucky enough to pick up a few arcade cabinets i have lethal enforcers , smash tv , g loc and a jamma cabinet and about 100 boards.I recently bought one of those 400 in 1 boards which make life a lot easier.love the show


27-09-09, 12:51
Hi foo, shame I didn't see you on my recent British Hour Tour of Ireland.

27-09-09, 06:37
Welcome Foo! Glad to have you as part of the RetroGamingRoundup family. :PH

07-10-09, 12:59
Foo, nice collection, post some pics! Smash TV is a great title to own and share with others.

Welcome to the show Mr. King