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26-09-09, 05:42
I'm Nick Sauer from New Jersey, USA. I was a regular listener of retrogaming radio over its last couple years and have just made the jump over to roundup. I'm 47 with a wife and three kids (all late teenagers). I have played boardgames for pretty much as long as I can remember and picked up videogames pretty quickly when they showed up the late 70s. We where one of the few (read: only) families that had a Channel F in our area. We ultimately upgraded to a Colecovision when they came out. I played a bunch of arcade games in college as SUNY Albany had a modest arcade in the commons building. I majored in Battlezone as well as my other subjects. After college I landed at Bell Labs in NJ so I kind of lost touch with the videogame hobby until my wife got me back into it about ten years ago. My wife refurbishes and repairs solid state pinballs as her job now, so our basement looks like an 80s arcade (it's her showroom). We have a bunch of videogames as well as pins. I actually own a Battlezone because it's pretty much one of my all time favorite games, largely because I can play it until I get bored. I own a bunch of consoles as well (my wife had a 7800 in the box when I started dating her, second marriage for both of us). Lately I've really been getting into handhelds and am using Ben Heckendorn's book to build myself an Atari hand held. I have all of the components but, time is my biggest weak point (I have a one hour, one way commute to work). Anyway, I think I've probably bored you all enough for now.


26-09-09, 09:31
Anyway, I think I've probably bored you all enough for now.

I could take a little more, but not too much LOL.

Welcome Nick.