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25-09-09, 07:14
Have any of you bought this? How about a review. I always loved H2 but since have got out of the Xbox totally. Might pick up a 360 if this is as good or better.

06-01-10, 07:09
The best new feature of ODST is the Firefight mode which basically just puts a Halo twist on the original idea from Gears of War 2: Horde mode. Fun to screw around with your friends as the waves/rounds get progressively harder. Have to learn to ration your munitions and health wisely. Downside as far as I can tell to this is that everyone playing has to have an XBL account...so no lan/system "guests" allowed. May be wrong about that though.

I really should write a longer review of this game but the synopsis is this:

The campaign was too short, easy, & slightly boring. Nothing new here other than I liked the idea that the storyline was not chronological, and even though in the story you were the Rookie, you played as different members of your ODST squad about every other level. I think they did this mostly as an easy way to provide level variance without messing up the flow of the game. It also gives a couple different perspectives about the plot. The visor was a pretty nifty add-on and definitely helps during the nocturnal missions.

But really...ODST is just another way for MS to keep the existing Halo fans happy/hooked with a mediocre campaign and a special way to release 3 new multiplayer maps for the hardcore Halo fanbase and lure in new potential addicts all for a standard $60 a pop.

If you're on the fence and don't already own a 360, I would at least wait for Halo: Reach to rejoin the ranks and scratch the old H2 itch ;)



09-05-10, 06:20
I got ODST the other day for 3 bucks ... started it off ... yeah. It's Halo. *shrug*