View Full Version : Documentary On The Creator Of Jet Set Willy

20-09-09, 12:00
download it in 4 parts:


"Spectrum Diamond: The Myth And The Legend Of Matthew Smith (2002)

Great Italian/English documentary. Haunting music and visuals give a surreal insight into the creation of Mathew Smith's legendary Manic Miner and follow-up Jet Set Willy."

Figure UK would find this interesting....

20-09-09, 01:05
I sure will, thanks. It's one of my favourite games.

26-09-10, 07:01
I love watching these documentaries i find them interesting and fascinating. I will sure download this one!

16-10-10, 08:30
Well i watched it. Was kinda confused about the show being half English and half Foreign but it was interesting to hear the developers comments. Thanks for sharing.

17-11-10, 02:51
vids seem to have been removed :(, anyone know any other good quality URL for them, Just watching it on Youtube but not great quality. Great with the music comment, extremly surreal