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15-09-09, 01:55
Have a disastrous story?
Have you seen a creepy conversion from Galaga to Street fighter?
Any horrific finds when you got a game home?

Send them to techquestions@retrogamingroundup.com and we will try to include them in the October show.

27-09-09, 01:05
Diane has some awesome ones. One of my favorites is a service call she got for a Black Pyramid (Bally) pin. She gets there to find the back open and boards just hanging by the wires. There were wires pulled up from the playfield through the cabinet. She doesn't remember this but, I was pretty sure she said it looked like they had also started to rewire one of the digital displays. When she asked how the machine had gotten this way, the owner said she had called in another repair person about a year earlier, he had started working on it (more like working it over), said he had to go get some more tools, left and never came back.

Then there was the multiple pin kill when PAPA (Professional/Amateur Pinball Association) got flooded in 2004. Just two months earlier Diane had sold him like seven pins and a Gorf. Then the river flooded and destroyed everything. Pictures of it are here:


The Blackout, Meteor, Black Hole and Gorf where the only ones Diane could remember selling him (and the Black Hole was a last minute sale that was not part of the original purchase).

Other things that we have seen include someone converting a Doctor Who pin into a sofa and trying to sell it on Ebay, repeatedly. A local pin and vid dealer (who shall remain nameless) converting a Black Hole cabinet into a crib for his son. Now that I think about it, this is the same clown that had a tv ad that featured a Black Knight being chucked off the top of his establishment to smash to pieces on the tarmac below. I'm sure if you do a search on that, the video must still be available on the internet somewhere.

Then there are the zillions of operator "fixes" we see on a regular basis for pins we work on but, they really kind of pale in comparison to the above stuff.


27-09-09, 06:27
Found it! just in case you didn't believe me about the Black Knight stunt, here is the video on Youtube. I forgot that the BK was proceeded by a Ms. Pac.




28-09-09, 04:44
Why OH Why!!!!!!

[Single tear, rolls down cheek]

29-09-09, 04:17
Just remembered another one. I think it was Videotopia had an environmental Discs of Tron MIB that became considerably less mint when the box fell off the train that was shipping it. I couldn't find anything on the web but, remember the news went through the collector community back when it happened.


29-09-09, 05:46
This is an old post of mine from a couple years ago. I had just bought an Astro Blaster machine and after about a week, well, I will just let you read this:


Well, I was playing my newly acquired Astro Blaster and it took me a
while to focus on it, but I noticed a freakin gob of spider webs
between me and the oncoming aliens ships. I mean a ton of webs. I
really don't remember seeing these webs until today. I was considering
just leaving them there, but thought I should try and exterminate the
maker, as I stick my hand in this thing evertime I want to start a free

After freaking out and trying to figure out what to do , I looked at
the screen again and noticed the little critter (and no, it wasn't
little . . . I swear it was the size of a silver dollar) in the inside,
bottom corner of the screen - staring at me.

It was him or me I decided. So I went into action. But wait, where
did he go. He disappeared again much to my chegrin. I ran upstairs
and grabbed the can of ant spray and a big ass flashlight. I ran back
downstairs and prepared myself for battle.

No longer was I taking on cheesy, arcade space aliens, but a real
8-legged alien spider monstrosity. I opened the coin door and glared
into the machine with my large flashlight. No spider seen anywhere.
Damn. I sprayed a little spray into the inside corner of the game
where I saw him before (not sure if I was suppose to do this or not . .
.probably not). I have no idea if I even got him. Hey, I thought this
was "no scent" spray. Now my arcade is smelling like "no scent" ant

Not wanting to take any chances, I needed to see for myself that this
behemoth spider was, in fact, spinning a new web in HELL. I decided to
spin the game around and go in the back. Now, I was really dreading
opening this thing up at this point as if he (or she or it) wasn't
dead, he will be pissed off beyond belief. I slowly opened the back
and peaked in. Damn, this sucker was busy, the whole inside of the
cabinet was also strewn with thick, sticky webs. No sign of any. .
.wait. . . over there. . .the power supply. There he was, red eyes
gleaming with the spider death ray. It was still. Not moving a
muscle. Maybe I won't see him.

With my left hand I slowly blinded him with my big ass flash light and
my right hand started to aim the spray. You can believe at this point
I was trembling in my shoes. I shot a quick, direct hit and he fell.
Now the question is where did he fall? Boom. . .there it was zinging
across the cabinet until it fell of the bottom shelf and into the clean
open bottom of the game. I knew I had to make my move. I started
shooting spray like a mad man as there was nothing to damage in the
protected bottom of the cab. I nailed him and soaked him until he
couldn't walk anymore.

I ran back upstairs and spun the toilet paper until I had a safe amount
and ran back downstairs. Not wanting to take any chances, since this
was Ant spray -s-s- not spider spray I saw he was still down so I went
for the kill. SMUSH. Crack, Pop. No more spider invader.

Wow, this ordeal went on for at least a 1/2 hour. I was drenched in
sweat and fear. I then went confidently back into cabinet to clean out
the webs of destruction. Hoping there were no other vistors in my
cabinet I wiped it all clean. Now back to killing these harmless

--- Come to find out it was a Black Widow. We have them all over out here in the canyone where we live.

30-09-09, 02:07
Great story Mike. As I was reading I was worried that you were dealing with a black widow (we generally don't get them in NJ). An arcade cab is a perfect environment for them to call their home. Glad you got through the situation safe and sound. Oh yeah, and Astro Blaster is a great game, too. We used to have one until we sold it and it's one of the games I really miss.


19-10-09, 03:47
I once saw a Dragon's Lair machine that had been turned (badly) into a Kung-Fu Master. The KFM "marquee" was hand-written, and the "kick" button had been drilled right through the (otherwise immaculate) original DL control panel. This is why we can't have nice things.


19-10-09, 04:59
1. My sister was ticked when we were kids cause I was playing Mario bros without her. So she cut the cables to both nes controllers and the zapper. Little brat.

2. The hard drive in my Ps3 died a few weeks ago, losing my game saves and forcing me to redownload 100 gigs of games and updates.

3. When I got married I sold my Mame cab for extra cash and because we were living in a trailer at the time. Hmm, games or women?