View Full Version : Any Atari 8 Bit Computer Users Remember This?

05-09-09, 05:05
All of us lucky enough to grow up on an 8bit computer, surely had the experience of typing a program from your favorite magazine (Antic and Analog anyone?) into the computer and then, after days of debugging (ie finding all your damn typo's), actually enjoying the fruits of your labor. Some of those were INSANELY large! and took FOREVER.

The Atari 8bit computers had this "feature" that would ERASE the entire line you were currently on, if you press SHIFT then DELETE. This would be annoying as all F@#$ when you would be at the end of line, and try to correct a typo on a capital letter. I would ALWAYS hold down the shift key then press delete, when backspacing to fix a typo. Thus erasing the entire line, bringing me back to the beginning of the line. No matter how hard I tried to not do that, I couldnt keep myself from doing it. Now the funny thing about that is, to THIS DAY, it still flashes in my mind whenever I'm correcting a typo like that on a PC. The Atari imprinted on my brain what happens when you dare press shift and delete (or backspace). Any other Atari users know what Im talking about or am I just crazy LOL......