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29-08-09, 04:32
I've updated our blog (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/blog) and homepage (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com) with a link to a sneak preview behind the scenes (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/podcast_central.htm) here at the Podcast.

All the equipment I use is labelled and described briefly.

Any questions ask away.

28-02-11, 07:17
As Scoot said a while ago, we are The RoundUp Dudes.


28-02-11, 10:11
The Roundup Cottage.

01-03-11, 04:14
I love Scott sitting behind the bar! So cool man! I have to make a trip to Beatletown or wherever that is and play some cabs and pinballs at scott's place.

01-03-11, 04:26
Listeners are always invited to my arcade parties, look for the next notice on FB or the forums. However, I do tend to do about one a year so if you don't see a notice next week don't worry.

01-03-11, 04:44
We have this place nearby called The Dump and it's basically this huge overstock furniture store. Anyhow, we went in one time and there was a full bar in there, complete with a roof that extended outward far enough to rest a few tables on the wood floor, which also extended out a ways. All solid dark wood, it was beautiful. You'd need to have a big big house to get that thing inside, I was in awe (and I am not really a drinker, but I'd be into recreating a bar with arcade cabs and pinballs). Seeing your bar just reminded me of that, just thinking out loud here ;).

01-03-11, 04:24
"Mrs Pac coctail"?

Triple spelling fail.


Gordon Bennett
01-03-11, 11:38
The Roundup Cottage.

Now that puts an entirely different spin on the show. I'll pass on those segments.

01-03-11, 11:54
Yeah, no cottages involved.