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29-08-09, 12:51
Hey guys, i don't participate in many forums, but the quality and content of retrogaming roundup is causing me to break the norm. I can't tell you guys how much I'm enjoying the shows. I was 15 in 1981 so, the dawn of the videogame era is very special to me, and to find such a great podcast in which you guys treat that era with the awe and respect it deserves is great. What draws me to the show month after month is the length of the show. Whoever thought anyone could pull of a 5 or 6 hour podcast?? Well fellas, you do it, and do it well. I never look down at the display on my mp3 player and think, "damn when is this ever gonna end?" It honestly never enters the equation for me.

By far my absolute favorite part of the show is the Top 10. GREAT interaction with the three personalities, disagreeing but doing it respectfully (well, most of the time :-) That segment always has me yelling at one of you guys. If I had one request, or suggestion, is that you maybe you could even out the Commodore love with a little more Atari computer talk. With the Atari 800 being my first computer, more Atari coverage would be great, but I realize ya'll are going from your own personal experience so I can live with it :-)

Anyway enough disjointed rambling, I just wanted to make sure that you guys know how much I enjoy the show. UKMike, SubaruBrat and SoCal Mike, I feel like I know you guys. Keep up the good work, its appreciated.


29-08-09, 02:22
Hey Bacon,

Thanks for the post. I can speak for all of us and say we really appreciate it. You can bet we will be covering Atari much more. And I was also just saying we need to talk about the 16 bit systems more too! Like more Sega Genesis and Super NES Talk. We will be mixing it up and adding things here and there.

We are also going to be testing out a call in segment where we interview and/or just discuss gaming with our listeners. And chime in on the Top-10 forum and let us know if you want to recommend any top-10s for us to hash out on a future show.

- So Cal

29-08-09, 01:18
Thanks for the kind words, and like SoCal says, we will indeed be mixing a few more systems into our discussions as we go on.

Personally I never owned an Atari computer but of course I played the hell out of the 2600.

I'm currently playing games and systems that I didn't really catch the first time around so you will hear my thoughts over the upcoming shows.

Stay tuned, and tell your friends!

03-09-09, 01:26
Thanks for the welcome I appreciate it. As I was reading SoCals reply it got me thinking about the whole "fanboy" thing. As long as there has been video game systems, there are the fanboys of each system. Ive noticed it being especially prevalent with the current gen of systems. I hear these kids (damn I sound like an old man, "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN") saying that their system rules and they would never play "x" because of who makes it. It's always baffled me, to not play a system because you don't like the company?? Hell if I was like that I would have never played the greatness of Little Big Planet, or the GREAT Shadow Complex on XBox live. Am I gonna miss the newest Professor Layton on DS because I dont like nintendo?? I don't think so :-)

Maybe this is a by-product of The Good Ol' Day Syndrome, but didn't the the "system wars" seem more civil back in our day? I had an Atari 800, then 800xl then 1200, then 520ST. Those systems were GREAT, but i surely respected all the good things that the commodore side of things brought to the table. I spent a ton of time on my friends C64, it deserves all the talk it gets. And it seemed like anyone I knew on "the commodore" side loved to play some of the stuff on the Atari. It just didn't seem to be like it is today, such a hardcore dividing line these days. Maybe its the availability of the internet and all the social aspects that it brings that makes it seem that way to me. Anyway, i just thought that was interesting, and would love to hear your thoughts as you were on the "Commodore" side. And hey, this might make a great roundtable or editorial segment on a future show eh??

03-09-09, 02:55
You know, that is a point I have made forever. Back in the day you would walk into a store and you had the Apple area, the commodore area, the Atari area and there was a good natured warfare between the communities. I miss that.

Glad your here bacon!

04-09-09, 12:57
System wars more civil in the past? Nah... Putting the ubiquitous communication of the Internet and all that enables aside for a moment, one could almost argue they were more active in the past, simply because there were more choices and generally more cost involved, meaning you were more often limited to just one or two systems, and you REALLY had to stand by that choice as if it were a truly personal matter come hell or high water. One could also argue that individual systems had significantly more individual personality back then, i.e., a multiplatform game today generally looks the same and all of our input options are generally the same. It sure as heck wasn't back then...

04-09-09, 11:12
To my memory (which could certainly be faulty) the "system wars" did seem more civil back then. When a friend got a different system (whether it was Inty vs. 2600, Atari 800 vs. C64, ST vs. Amiga or Master System vs. NES) everyone wanted to play those new games. Nobody said "man, Alex Kidd sucks" we said "wow, what a cool game, now I want an SMS!" Demon Attack was pretty different on the 2600 and Inty, but I thought they were both great. Sure, there was some good-natured ribbing by each company in their ads and magazines, but it didn't seem as... dumb as it does today. Again, could be rose-colored glasses or something, but it seems like the "system wars" weren't really fought by gamers back then it was almost exclusively fought by the companies. Maybe I just got lucky with the gamers I hung out with or something.

04-09-09, 11:21
I think it is Rosy glasses, because back then they called the competition out, sometimes implied, sometimes by name in advertising. The Plimpton Intellivision versus Atari ads? The Sega Genesis Does what Nintendon't? What about the countless comparison ads with tables that showed computer x being a better value than the competition? The list goes on.

We all wanted to play each other's games back then just like we do now, but you still defended YOUR choice as the best. I really don't see the difference between now and then (except for there being fewer choices), but it is a very subjective thing.

05-09-09, 03:25
Glad your here bacon!

Thanks Scott, glad to be here!

The Plimpton Intellivision versus Atari ads? The Sega Genesis Does what Nintendon't?

Excellent point Bill, the actual companies certainly tried to tell you and anyone who would listen how and why their system/games were better. I LOVED the Plimpton ads, those were great.

I think my focus was on the gamer side of things. Your exactly right you did make sure and defend your system. It wasn't ALL rosy :-) But one of my sons friends for example, will NOT play a game on the PS3 because, to quote him exactly "Sony SUCKS, I will never play a PS3 game!" I don't remember any friends back then just flat not playing a game because of the system. He's gonna miss some pretty good gaming experiences IMHO. I could be wrong though, I do tend to wear my favorite rose tinted nostalgia glasses when it comes to "the good ol days"

05-09-09, 01:27
Hmm, some good points, some bad points.

I think the console wars are as strong as they always have been, the one I remember most was the ZX Spectrum Vs the Commodore 64, and it got pretty serious at times.

I think it is still the same now as it has always been, but it is a generational thing. Some of us own 2 or maybe all 3 main consoles now so there is not the need to defend your choice as there used to be when your parents would only buy you 1 and you were stuck with it. Very often your best friend would become the person that had the other consoles that you didn't own.

I didn't particularly like the guy who had the 2600 and he lived in a bad neighbourhood, but HE HAD A 2600 and I didn't.

We no longer need to argue about the 360, PS3 and Wii the way we would have done as kids, but kids are still doing it. Don't tell me you haven't seen that happening on forums.

05-09-09, 05:49
Ya know UK, that may be the exact point. Maybe I'm looking at this with the fortune of having all the current gen systems. Allows for a bit more objectivity :-)

Interesting discussion though, thats for sure.