View Full Version : Now all I need is an extra 4000 bucks.

19-08-09, 12:53

I know Subaru Brat will probably scoff at how easy this would be to make, but for those of use who are more "software" than "hardware", I will say that this is the greatest Arcade Cab since the sit down Star Wars arcade machine.

Check it out:


If anyone gets one, invite me over.

19-08-09, 09:17
Nice idea, though personally I would combine drink with a jukebox.

20-08-09, 08:57
Pretty cool and I get the gag, but to me the ultimate cab would be one with removable (quick on/off) control panels, so you could dedicate the panel to whatever you wanted to focus on at any one time. I know some homebrewers have done just that, but I'd like to see a commercial do it. A lot of the commercial companies do great, great stuff (I have a Dream Authentics unit myself), but I'd like to see a bit more innovation in that regard.

21-08-09, 12:53
There have been a few of these built on BYOAC. At $4k that is a bit steep. But if the guy can sell them I say go for it. Capitalism at it's best!