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13-08-09, 07:09

So I'd been playing a lot of Chiller (http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7328)in MAME recently. I'm so intrigued by this game. The one time I played it on a real arcade machine was in a dusty arcade tent at the Fresno County Fair back in 1989. The machine was totally beat up and the gun was pretty off target. And the whole thing just seemed surreal to me. The game was so lurid and violent. I mean just look at this:


It looks like something some deranged jr. high school kid would draw in Paint. It's just so low rez / low brow. It totally entranced me. The game just feels like a sick rom hack. I couldn't believe that it was a real commercially released game. I had always assumed that the game had bene somehow manufactured specifically for the Carnival. Like some sort of homebrew conversion thing that someone had come up with and it just ended up in this lonely run down traveling arcade along with a bunch of other games that were too dated by that time for kids to care about.

I would love to find a stand up version of this game. The Pinball hall of fame had a version of Exidy's Crossbow (http://www.greatgamedatabase.com/GGDB/Details.asp?VID=642) which I played in February. It seems like it is the same hardware that was used for Chiller. I'm not sure if Chiller is a conversion of Crossbow or vice versa. Doesn't look like there is a KLOV listing for Crossbow, so maybe it's the more rare of the two.

Anyone out there have a Chiller cab? Every played one?

If not you might be in luck. In my sluething I came upon a press release (http://www.meanhamstersoftware.com/press.php) which was sent out by a company called "Mean Hamster Software". Apparently they have acquired the rights to all of Exidy's old coin op stuff. I'd love to see these come out on a collection for the Wii as I think that'd be the perfect platform for this light gun stuff, but it doesn't look like this company is big enough to do that. Still, they might be able to get it out on iPhone or something.

13-08-09, 07:51
I played it for the first time at this years CAX. It was everything you say. Pretty violent stuff for sure, almost sick minded - who ever created it. But still fun as heck !

13-08-09, 08:21
I just got sent this link by John Swiderski, the guy who's software company holds the rights to Exidy's back catalog.

It's basically a proof of concept of an enhanced version of Crossbow for the Wii (http://meanhamstersoftware.com/wii/).

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20-08-09, 09:00
Funspot actually has a great condition Chiller, though Crossbow wasn't working when I was there earlier in the week: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=chiller&w=9219748%40N07