View Full Version : Big write up on the Ultracade lawsuit.

07-08-09, 02:19

I know I saw these machines at Costco, I never assumed they wouldn't be legitimate. Gamasutra has an article up on the lawsuit over the Ultracade machines. Check it out:


03-09-09, 01:55
Thanks for this Teknohed, I missed it when it was happening. Amazing that one person can be so brash...

26-09-09, 05:56
Thanks, this explained a lot for me, actually. My wife's company has a Chicago Gaming Company version of Arcade Legends in its inventory. The article claims that all of that companies products are officially licensed, it will be interesting to see verification of this. Anyway, a game store at a local mall had an Ultracade operating/for sale for the longest time and I was always puzzled by it because games would show up on that unit that Chicago Gaming didn't offer for the unit we had (it started with Qix, specifically). I had always wondered how this was the case but, now it's pretty obvious what was going on. Man that guy Foley has some steel kahunas, doesn't he?