View Full Version : Really enjoyed this months show...

23-07-09, 08:30
Thanks alot fella's another superb show.
Really enjoyed the Top 10, its great to hear you guys duke it out, very entertaining:)
Loved UKMikes little tribute to Scotland, although I can't help thinking he should double check the locks on his doors before heading for bed.
Socals "It Came from MAME" was also great this month always look forward to Mikes candid descriptions as he plays the cab. Some great samples in the for UKMike to use lots of Bananas and snake talk;)
Some awesome tech stuff from Scott, he makes me wanna buy a Pinball machine, rip it to pieces then rebuild it in the form of a huge beeping robot! Did they ever make Pinball Transformers?

24-07-09, 03:05
Sadly the transformers franchise was never made into a pinball, nor was Robotec come to think of it....

So here is your way to own one, and the only difference between owning one and not is willpower, skills can all be learned. How many Phd's take their car to the highschool dropout down the road to get the oil changed? Really, does that make sense?

So, there is plenty of Transformers posters, artwork, toys, etc. to draw from. All you need to do is overlay the playfield with a sheet of clear acetate, mark off the overlays and holes for flipper mechanics etc. Lay your base color, graphics and such until you have a nice playfield graphic. Lay over what you say? Well a pinball that otherwise works. Pick a worn out playfield pin from the pre dot matrix era. Just make your own overlay to fit what is already there. Please don't do a classic top title though, pick some crappy title. Once your overlay is done send it off to get printed on mylar. When it returns apply it to the now sanded nicely prepared playfield.

One that is applied you need to make a backglass, laminate a nice poster between two sheets of plexi. Cabnet artwork is masking and spraying a logo, picture etc. Naturally I am oversimplifying but I hope you get the idea. You can create a Transformers pinball if you really want to.

24-07-09, 08:27
Words fail me Scott, thats such an awesome reply and one i'll keep in mind. When you break it down like that it seems very achievable, although it was only a passing thought you've got me thinking:)
Thanks fella.